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I am pretty young and I already have flabby arms and legs!!! I mean my legs have a lot of fat, I am pretty skinny, so why do my legs and arms have fat?? Can anyone tell me any inside exercises to lose arm fat and leg fat!!!! Please! I really want to lose this fat in about 1 month b4 school starts! I'm going have to were shorts now so i will look weird with a medium stomach and fat legs!! Also I want to have muscle in my arms not fat!Thanx to anyone who replies!!!
****Ana**** :bouncing:
i bet ur not fat.

1. cardio....example: jog, walk, swim, something for 30-45 min, 3-4 times per week

2. Strength training...Ex. weights..blaa blaa.

3. healthy diet...Ex. all food groups, 6 meals per day, lots of water

pure and simple.
Thanx for the reply SammyT, Is there any excersises for arms and legs? Other Than running, etc, excersises? I don't have weights, so in home excersises!! Thanx
For arms, you should definitely do push-ups. DEFINITELY. If you can't do the actual ones, try going on your knees or get one of those yoga balls, get on your knees and make it so that your chest and stomach are on top of the ball, then roll out and do your push ups. Another thing is get some weighted dumbells, the little ones. Take one and hold it by its end in a vertical fashion, and get it behind your head and raise it. Then let it go down slowly, which should bend your elbow. This will work your tricep. Bicep exercises are simple; get two weights, hold them in front of you, regular horizontal fashion, and let them down extending your arms to your thighs. Then, curl them up one by one: left, then right. < that would be one. I'd suggest for all these exercises you do 3 sets of 15.

For legs, all the different kinds of squats.
thanx chubby772...I will try those...
Hiya, u may not have weights but this is a great way to tone b flabby arms, either fill to water bottles with water or use to cans of beans, these are just as good, make sure they r the same weight though.... try also running on the spot for a few minutes at a time to tones ur legs...also if u have a bike go cycling this is a great way to tone legs.
hope i helped xxxx lou xxxx
Thanx, should I only excersise these things, or also diet? I have been eating/drinking no sugar or junk food for a while, does this help? Thanx so much....I will try these excersise!
Does anyone else have any excersises? :)

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