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This is a mesage for all thsoe people that keep on saying that we worry too much bla bla bla...

LISTEN Is not because we dont accept the way we are is because of people arround us, i have really smalll breast (REALLY) and in high school, and is like everywhere we go we see the goodie-two shoes with the pretty nice face,smile and the nice butts and breast , and is normal for us to feel bad when others ignore u for how u look! thats what people dont understand they just say U will grow into them or accept urself, helloo I think we know our bodies pretty well when we say we hav e SMALL boobs or this and that. And I think that people that say accept urself or u worry too much are just shallow because is easy to say that but is not easy to see a nice shirt or whatever and not being able to put it on because everywhere u see urself in a mirror u see that problem that dont stop following u, or that nice girl that has it "all". People should just stop saying things like u worry too much or u still have time to grow they should say other things or just stay quiet cuz all that stupid talk just makes us feel worst!. I am tired of hearing so many people saying the same thing over and over again! just STOP SAYING THOSDE THINGS STOOP!

I have tried to seeing the possitive side of having small boobs like "well at least I dont have things that get in my way or that is uncomfortable for me" but people! once u r out there all that possitive thinking goes to hell, thats why if u have a part of ur body u dont like besides ur breast and u feel bad a bout it dont tell others to deal withit when u know it feels bad to be different.

I wish with being able to wake up, and wear a nice tight shirt and at least being able to see something, I dont want to have extremely huge! but at least something! I understand all the girls when it comes to body issues! but it seems nothing helps! why wear a padded bra ! sure it makes others get foolde by it but NOT YOU cuz u know is all fake and under that there is nothing! people try to be reasonabvle, ya have parts of your body that you dont like or even ur hair! so u have to understand!

Girls I understand! I am in high school! and I just started (9th) grade and Im all alone! and the girls I have met ! seem great I mean even the smallest girl have breast! can u believe it the most skinny little ones u be seeing them around looking nice aband stuff! It just gets to a level were u even cry! and I know cuz I have been there DONE THAT! trust me I have cried! and I'm sure many other girls have too! and It makes me angry when adults say stupid things like what they say!

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