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hey Im 14 and I see where this girl is getting to! and this might be the reason:
1. she is either trying to see how much you really are into her so dont quit YET!
2.she's not sure about going into a relationship, she might have had bad experiences in her lasts relationship or this might be the first one! In that case talk about her other relations and how it went, if she had bad times be there for her and tell her not to think about that and stuff like that. But if she never had a relationship before, move on to another subject and ask her what she's waiting for.....and so on..

3.speak to her everyday or whenever you get the chance but try not to be annoying. start of bye saying Hi! can I sit with you, can I call you today,make her laugh, talk about stuff in her life her experiences as a girl,with her friends,family.

4.Compliment her you dont have to say "you look beautifu"! instead tell her how nice her smile is,her hair,sweater anything. like Hey thats a nice shirt.or I really like your hair!

5. I think this is one of the most important one! pay attention! A heart break is something really hard for a girl to take so analyze urself do you really LIKE her? are you willing to be with her, do you want something SERIOUS with this girl? if you do then keep on reading! okay after the laughter and time you spent with her sit with her or walk and take the time to show her that you are very serious with what you feel for her and that you really like her and that you dont care if she doesnt feel sure because you think you two should give it a try(remember THAT line)! then finally you say Do you want to be my girlfriend she might seem a little off but before she says anything tell her I'll give you as much time as you need to think about it but please trust me when I say that I love you (don't worry just say it!) and before you two go and say good bye remind her to think about it, if she says NO ask her why if she comes up with a lame escuse like I'm just not sure, tell her to try first and see how it goes if she still says no then there must be something you did wrong! remember to pay attention only to her when shes around and always look at eachotheres eyes. hope this works keep me informed with what happened!!!!

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