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I went to tell him yesterday but i couldnt take anyoine cause no one new about him , and when i came to see him he was nice as could be , and i just came out straight with it , and he started to get really nasty , shouting at me , he wasnt drunk at all cause he just got back from work , i tried to go but he locked me in , and he stared pushy me about , i told him i dont want to be in a relationship like that , and he stared to shout at me saying he has slept wiv loads of girls while we have bin together , he got some pictures out of his draw with him with girls in bed , i couldnt get out cause he locked me in and he said the other night wen i didnt let him in , he had a threesome with 2 girls , he said i dont satisfie him , and he was tryin to kiss me , i felt sick and he pushed me on the floor and tryed to sleep with me , i wouldnt let him so he pinned me down , he is twice the size of me he is really srong, and i could get him of me , i kept screaming at him no but he wouldnt listen , he just laughed , and carreid on , and forced me to have sex with him , i just had to wait for it to be over , i felt really sick and couldnt stop crying .
he said that i wasnt as pretty as the girls he slept with he said the girls were a size 8 , and im a size 12 so i felt really bad,
he said we wernt over for a long time yet and he wants to marry me , when im old enough.
i seriously thought he was gonna kill me and i couldnt stop crying, and he said i looked like a **** , i ony had a pair of jeans and a top on , i didnt understand ,
i used to be real confident b4 i was with him and now i just fel ugly and fat , i cant look my self in the mirror properly anymore cayse i hate what i see, i dont understand why he wants to b with me , he is a really good lookin bloke ,
he kissed me on the cheek and let me go home , like nothing has happend ,i felt disgusting ,
i kept getting flashbacks of what happend and i cant even go out side cause im scared.
he keeps txtin me askin me if we want to meet up , and askin if hes dunn somtin wrong cause im not txtin bck
he thinks we are still together and i cant take it any more,what can i do to confince him ? im really scared to even see him again.
he siad if i stayed with him he would do somthin bout his drinkin , do u think that would stop him?
[QUOTE=klo289]This is going to be somewhat of a long story, but please read it all. I have been in an abusive relationship before, I understand what you are going through. . I was not allowed to leave my house unless he came and got me, he was always putting me down, hitting me, spitting in my face, the list goes on and on. He would sit at my job to make sure no guys talked to me. I was a manager at a restaurant, and one time he pinned one of my employees up against a wall choking him for talking to me too much. He had treatened to kill my parents, me and himself everytime I tried to go agaist anything he said or wanted to break up. I was 19 at the time, but I kept thinking he would change. He kept promising he would change, that it would never happen again. When things weren't bad, they were wonderful. I loved being with him and we always had such a great time together. But the bad times, I wanted to kill myself. I thought that would be the only way out. I ended up getting pregnant, and realized that I could not subject a child to the life I was living. I finally broke it off, and it was the best thing I ever did. Telling my family was hard, but they were very supportive and helped me see things clearer. For a few months he would come to my job and corner me, follow me around town, and come peel out in my driveway in the middle of the night. I stood my ground, and eventually he backed off . This was not my first bad relationship, when I was 15, I dated a guy that was 20. Things were never good, he was always cheating on me. The first time we had sex (he was my first) I did not want to, but he held me down and insisted that I was playing hard to get. I know that some might wonder why I stayed with him after that, but at that age, I just could not really grasp what had happened. I thought that he loved me and that maybe that was his way of showing it. After we finally broke up, I continued to date older guys including one that was 26. My family never knew that any of this was going on. I am 24 now, and I can honostly say that 15 was too young to be dating anyone older than me. Older guys are going to expect more out of you than you are willing to or should be giving. And they are not going to be understanding to your indifference. They will not change, not matter how much they promise. No one can change for someone else, they have to do it for themselves. Tell you family, they will help you more than you can imagine. I know when we are teenagers, we think that we are old enough to make our own discisions, but listen to your parents advice. They know so much more than you realize. In just a few years you will realize that. Please get out now, before you end up like way too many young girls in your situation......dead![/QUOTE]

i can see you totally understand , he was there when i got to scool waiting , he said he really needed to talk to me , but i prettended i had an exam on so i couldnt chat , he said can we talk after and i said yeah cause i was scared, i didnt actully think he would wait that long but he did , and he wanted to walk me home , he said i was way to sensitive and that i had change since we started out , that made me feel really bad, he said he didnt think wat he done to me the other night was bad , he was only having sex with his gf he said i owd it to him , cause i had changed
and said he loved me and always will , apparently the girls he was with was just a bit of fun and i over reacted, but even when im seen talking to a guy he dosnt like it , but its diffrent for him
then he put a ring on my finger and said this is for us to be together and one day he wants to marry me, i told i couldnt take it cause its over between us. and he said he aint gonna take it back because he is never gonna leave me alone cause he loves me , he said i will soon learn. and one day he will make my dreams come true, and he said that what he said about the other girls being prettyer than me was out of order, he only said it cause he was angry and he says he thinks im beuatifull and wouldnt change me for the world, he said he would love me to move in with him when im 16 and to tell my family but not untill im 16/17
im gonna get a pregnancy test 2morrow im real worried , im not exactly in the right relationship for a baby am i , do ya think i should tell him about or keep it to myself?
im just gonna leave it , he`ll soon get board of me , if i told my family he would b a dead man , and i dont want him to get hurt, its like what klo said i do think he loves me and thats the only way of showing it , i do love him but i know hes bad for me so i cant be with him , im just gonna have to keep it to myself , whatever happens , thanxs for the advise , you guys have really helped me .

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