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Ive been thinking about posting this a while but I just need to do it. So this is the story. It's a bit long so I don't blame you if you don't read it.

My best friend's girlfriend's sister, who I had known for about two months prior, one day decided to tell my best friend's girlfriend that she liked me a lot and would go out with me if I asked her. So then my best friend's girlfriend told my best friend who then told me. I figured since I wanted a girlfriend and she was quiet, nice and cute I would ask her out and see how things went. I thought we had some good times together and I got attached pretty quickly. I remember thinking about her all the time and how great a girlfriend she was. We held hands and kissed, you know, standard stuff like that. We would watch movies and hug during them. It was cute and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I was her first boyfriend and she was my first girlfriend. She met my family and I had met hers. I thought we would certainly last for a long time because I thought we both liked each other so much and everything seemed so perfect. One day however, I decided to IM her on the computer. Well you know what I'll just show you the conversation since I saved it.

me: hey ****
her: hi ***
me: whats up
her: ummm
her: i dont think we should go out anymore...
me: ***
me: why?
her: im not the girlfriend type and i dont really want to be right now either
me: is there anything i can do?
her: theres not really anything anyone can do
me: is it about work cause ill quit
me: in a second
her: its not
me: please cant we work it out?
her: no
me: can you atleast think about it
me: we can take a break or something
me: i really like you
her: i have thought about it a lot
me: okay
me: first you told ****** you liked me and wanted to go out with me
me: so i asked you out and i really like you alot
her: i did
me: so later you decide that you dont wanna go out?
her: i have a tendency to change my mind
me: so you might change your mind back?
her: highly unlikely
me: im ****ing crying
her: no your not...
her: are you?
me: yes
her: im sorry
her: you can hate me if you like [i](Note: Thought this was the most ****ed up thing she said)[/i]
me: ill never hate you
me: ever
her: but you could
her: or should
me: its just so random though
me: what happened?
her: nothing
me: how long were you thinking about this?
her: like since yesterday
me: what made you think about it?
me: or who?
her: nothing and noone
me: you know i got the job at toys r us just for you right?
her: but you need a job anyway
me: not really
me: my parents give me money but if i want to take you out id need more money and id get it from my job
me: i just got hired today too
her: but now you will have even more money for yourself
me: i dont need it
me: i need you
her: no you dont
me: why dont i?
me: i really like you
me: god im not going to be able to sleep now im going to ***'s house

And then get this. You know how she said she wasn't the girlfriend type? A little less than two weeks later she has a new boyfriend. And I heard they are hooking up within a few days, which is something we didnt get to yet in our relationship. For more than two weeks now I have been feeling like absolute crap. I can't think of anything else. I go to sleep thinking about it and wake up thinking about it. I go to school thinking about it and go to work thinking about it.

One more detail. Two other guys asked her out before me and she rejected both so she could go out with me. One of the guys she rejected is now her boyfriend. He's supposed to be a short pudgey little spanish kid too. She's white and would look better with me. Everyone used to say how good we looked together. She has to know how much I still like her too because her sister and my friends are always telling her "you know, rob really likes you a lot". I'm friggen obsessed with her and can't get her off of my mind. It hurts to think about how happy she is with her new boyfriend. It hurts a LOT. It feels like absolute **** depression. I've never felt worse in my life. I don't even know what I expect anyone to reply to this topic with.

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