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Hey guys, im really really confused with myself.

Right, its me and my girlfriend, we have been together for almost eleven months now, were happy, i love her she loves me, and whats more were more mature than most of the people out age.

However she works at a pub, and the atmosphere between the workmates is kinda, well i dunno they are kinda townee people quite close, kinda flirty etc.

Now ages ago this guy called Adam worked there, he left for uni, but while he was there he was kinda flirty with my girlfriend, she denies tat she is a flirty person but somehow i know she is, i can just tell by the way things happen there.

Now while he was there, as i said he was quite flirty with her, and they were quite close [U]friends[/U] (ive gotta nail that into my head). She knew i hated it, and hated him (i never met him but i diddnt like the way he was too close to her) he was one of those guys who was kinda cool but liked to get with alot of girls. Someone who would cheat on their gf an not care if they were taking a bite outa someone elses pie.

Not long ago, (afew days infact) i was at her house, she was sitting on my lap, and then he texted her. this was when i flipped, not because he tected, but in the text he was very close to her when he spoke. too close, but she texted back tellin me i was wrong, but like, he put 6 X's at the end, thats more than i do!, he was saying stuff like, doy uo guys miss me at work etc. how he might be back at xmas etc.. she let me read her reply, and she made it quite clear at the end that she put 2 X's, close together "Look, without spaces", inside the text she put something along the lines of how she might be movin. he replied, quite quickly, in his text, he had again, loads of x's and he said something like 'Aww if you go i wont have anyone to hug :(" and how is work etc. once again with loads of X's.

I went into the kitchen to help her little brother with a science experiment for his homework, i returned as she was just about to send her reply, i read it and it was just replying to what he said etc. however i could only see like 2 x's at the bottom.

Then when i read it after (i asked to see it again) i saw the actual sent message had like 6 X's with spacings. and then alter in his final reply, he said "luv ya xxxxx".

imean, im probly over reacting, and thats what she says, but im really pissed off about, everytime i think about it i worry, i wanna check her phone see if there are any more from him that she hasnt told me abou as these are the kinda things she keeps private, she also wouldnt let me see any texts from another workmate who happens to be quite close to adam.

i dont know whether im angry, jelouse, not trusting her, what the hell?

was i right to get angry?

please pelase reply!


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