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My boyfriend of 2 months broke up with me today based on the fact that he felt our relationship was becoming serious, and after never having a serious relationship he is too scared of commitment.

But then i found out he cheated on me at a party with a close friend of mine.This sounds such a trivial and juvenile situation but im 18 and this guy who i care for so much, has broken my heart.He has brought my self esteem back down to a low and i feel a wreck. This wouldn't mean so much to me if it wasnt a guy who i really cared for.However after a couple of disasterous past relationships, things this new year of college seemed to really be looking up for me.But now ive been stabbed in the back by my friend and lied to by my boyfriend.I feel devastated and so upset i have no idea what to do.

I've always given my heart to those who come close to me too early on, but then it is always broken. So this time around i got to know the guy for some time before we began our relationship. He was everything i was looking for and more. Never had a serious girlfriend before and appeared quite naive with relationships, so to find out he was capable of cheating in the most unforgivable way was a hard blow.

He is begging me to talk to him tomorrow at college to set things straight.And she is asking for my forgiveness.What do i do?!How can i learn to trust again?!

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