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Sounds like you both over-react easily. (To be blunt)

You "heard" he was tryin to go all the way with you and got angry, right? Did you even talk to him to get his side b4 just listening to the gossip you just so casually belittled? But when you ripped his shirt, and he majorly aggro'd over it, he definitely over-reacted (however, possible he was waiting for a good excuse to break-up?) The point is, if you want it to work the second time, make sure you know what went wrong the first time, and remedy it, or your just going to repeat history.

6-7 months is a long time to be apart after a break up. While that space might be a good thing, it also gives the mind time to move on....which in this case could be bad.

I've had girls ask to go back out with me after a break up, and like your ex, I wouldnt even give them the time of day after what they did. He'll be alot more receptive if you admit fault, and ask for another chance, rather then saying it was both your fault, and you just want to give it another shot. Whether or not you feel this way, its the way your gonna have to view it. Remember its easier (and maybe less hurtful) if he just moves on and doesnt get involved again. Hes taking a chance (as everyone does) by entering into the relationship.


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