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I'm a 19 year old male and two skin problems are destroying my life. I'm extremely outgoing and confident, but every day I spend living with this horrible curse is yet another battering to my self-confidence and dare I say it, my will to even live out the rest of my life.
In short, these are my problems - cellulite and diseased veins. I don't know why I have cellulite. I've always been fairly thin and athletic. I've a reasonably decent diet. But I have it and it affects my whole body, shape-wise. In these image obsessed days, it's just not an option for me. It gets worse every month. I have thin arms and lower legs, but through the middle and around the thighs I just accumulate this bulk. It's really sickening. Cellulite is what eventually causes 'man-breasts', and I can tell it won't be long before I have the beginnings of them. I rarely take off my jumper/hoodie anymore, I simply refuse to risk exposing any evidence of my flabby nipples. To re-iterate: it's sickening, and it's getting harder and harder to hide.
On top of this, in the last year to 6 months, I have developed a horrible collection of diseased (varicosed?) veins on my thighs, ***, and more recently, there are a couple of visible blemishes around my waist/lower abdomen. I can never go topless again in public. I can never go topless in front of any of my friends and family. I refuse to expose these imperfections to anyone I know. Oh, just to make sure you fully understand me: I would say I have [i]hundreds[/i] of seperate lines of diseased veins over both my legs.
Now most people who aren't in my position wouldn't initially fathom all the implications of these defects, so let me elaborate: I can not ever go swimming. I can not go topless on hot days. I can't go topless at concerts, etc. I can not (and refuse to) fool around with any girl. I can't (and refuse to, in any case) have sex. I can't do anything with anyone, that requires A) being attractive, B) not being fully-clothed.
By my own volition, I will not go near a girl while I'm in this state. I simply wouldn't do it to someone. Can you imagine their disgust and their shock when we both get naked, only to reveal a diseased, rotting and bloated physique? So, as you can imagine, I have had to simply ignore and turn my back on any and all romantic interests that girls have shown in me.

Now, maybe you are beginning to see why I find it hard to imagine ever living out the rest of my life. I'm not saying I harbour explicit intentions of suicide, but, the idea begins to become appealing, so to speak.
You may think I make too big a deal of these problems that I have, or that I should be grateful for whatever else I have in my life, but how can I? These problems affect me hourly every single day. There is no getting away from them and they are getting worse and worse.
I suppose I posted here in the hopes that someone could offer encouragement or some kind of wisdom that would make me forget my problems, but, having collected my thoughts and actually typed it all out, that really seems hopeless. So, IDK, if you somehow see any magical solution to any of these problems, I'm all ears.

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