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Hey Everyone,

Theres this girl who i used to date, shes your average looking girl, so on so forth, anyway about 3 months ago we broke up, the reason for this was i was having feelings for this other chick, except i knew i couldnt get her, she did like me how i liked her. So i wasnt going to do anything, anyway my Girlfriend found out about this and she dumped me, i had no problem with this because she never really spoke and when she did she couldnt hold a full conversation and she was really i guess sketchy about doing couple stuff, i never made time for her because i was finding her boring, we never did the usual boyfriend/Girlfriend stuff, it took her about 2 months to hook up with me (Pash, Kiss) and even that was a dare.
So anyway now she wants to get back with me, and i dont know what to do, she said she will change for me, she really likes me, she is even wanting to spend some alone time with me and offering me Sex. Now any normal guy would not pass up Sex with a chick, and i wouldnt either....... but then theres the otherside, I dont like her as strong as she likes me, i dont have the same feelings. Well i guess i sorta do sometimes, but not enough. I dont want to sleep with her because she would get the wrong idea and i would have to commit to her. I dont feel like she is the sort of person i want to spend a long term relationship with.
What do i Do?????
Has anyone been in this position that could help out?
Has anyone got some idea sitting somewhere that they could offer me.

All comments, advice, etc welcome.

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