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Nov 24, 2005
Me and my boyfriend have been together a year in december we use to go out before but split for 6 months. btw we are both 18 Before me and him got togther he had a girlfriend for 4 months on and off he said that he was not really into to her but just the fact he was at school and wanted a gf i asked him if he ever loved her he said no even though i use 2 say it, she said it first so he felt he had to say it back. But that got me thinking when we first got together i said i loved him first did he say it just cos i said it first. We had problems and i split with him throughout our split we were friends and he kept asking me back out i would not, he met another girl went out for about a month never see each other much she said she loved him first so again he said he felt he had 2 say it back even though he never loved her he said he always thought about me he split with her and asked me out again i realised i loved him and knew he was the one so we got back together now a year down the line we are as strong as ever and engaged see each other every day
But i can not help but keep thinking he only said he loved me because i said it first i cant get over it he says he always wanted 2 say it first but was scared i dont no if this is true or what
My point is do you think he did say it cos i said it first? and could he still think its just a gf thing thats y hes with me?

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