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Ugh... Ok, I'm about to just give up. This girl I like. I'm always... always... nice with her. I have NEVER insulted her. I only compliment her from time to time. when she doubts of herself I tell her she can do it. When she tells me someone insults her physically, I tell her she IS cute, and that they're all liars... She is cute. Yet... it's like I NEVER feel appreciated. All that help, those acts, those compliments. She NEVER said thank you. She never stopped to think and tell me how nice I was. Heck once I told her she's cute she told me "shut up" because she thought i was just "being mannered, you never thought I was cute, so shush" ... And now she's telling me of this guy that likes her, but she doesnt like him, but she feels bad because according to her "he's the most nicest guy ever" and she feels so bad she might be starting to love him im almost positive...

I don't understand... I can't be any nicer. I just feel like turning into an evil person. Because all my efforts to cherish her presence and show her I appreciate her, are for nothing. I thought it was because girls prefer bad guys, although after they cry rivers when their "bad guys" rape/beat them and give them the hardest time at home. But nope, she seems attracted to that guy because he's the "nicest guy ever" and "hes the guy that loved her the most.." and that she "feels so bad..." and "he did so much for me"

I say bullcrap. I'm tired of being nice and never get appreciated... It's not like I'm an evil person with a nice-person nice. The REAL me IS nice. I'm a very nice person. Lots of people tell me. What does she think of me? Not nice enough?! I'm just a nice friend that can be used to copy undone homework at the last minute? What the heck...

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