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Oh hun, if you are sweet as you say you are - you should not change yourself :nono:

I personally think you should leave this girl alone. Take it from someone who has experience. Ill be straight with you...

It sounds to me like this girl is just using you, and the reason you give in is because you like her so much. She may not like you the same way you like her, but that doesnt stop her from wanting your attention. I have known a lot of teenage girls who would purposely put themselves down that way they can get male compliments to boost their egos. I have known a lot of girls who knew they were pretty and they would say stupid things like "Oh, Im so fat" - they would say these things around boys, who they knew liked them perhaps a little bit more than a friend - a guy like you basically.

This girl knows you like her. She is not stupid. She has figured out that you like her to a certain degree... She has figured it out to the point that she says these things because she wants to hear you compliment her. She just wants your attention. She wants to hear you say she is pretty. She wants to hear you say she has a wonderful personality. She wants to hear you say those things over and over. - Can you name a girl who does not lavish male attention?! A lot on INSECURE girls do this - its a way to boost their egos.

She may not be interested in you, but that doesnt mean she doesnt want you around complimenting her. The reason she says shut up to you is because she wants you to SAY IT SOME MORE. Think about it, if you tell a girl she is gorgeous and she replies with "You are such a liar" and giggles - a) FLIRTATION b) She wants you to insist. She wants you to convince her that you really think she is gorgoeus. This is when the guys says "You are! You're eyes are beautiful. They are fierce and sexy at the same time. Your lips are so sensual - lol - (these are a few lines guys have used on me... :rolleyes: except they were trying to get into my pants) :mad:

[QUOTE]And now she's telling me of this guy that likes her, but she doesnt like him, but she feels bad because according to her "he's the most nicest guy ever" and she feels so bad she might be starting to love him im almost positive...[/QUOTE] It sounds like she is talking about you. Don't you think so? I think she is hinting you... or perhaps leading you around in circles.

Just be careful

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