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I am going to say something that might shock you but here it is, girls are not that different from guys, believe it or not. There are some girls that are extra girly and then theres the tomboy ones but generally speaking we're not aliens. Chances are that the things you talk about with your guy freinds are things you can talk about with girls too. Mind you I would stay clear of the "sports" convos in most cases (even though you might find that these girls do know alot about sports, in which case talk about all the sports you want).

Next time instead of being so worried about what to say to these girls why dont you pay attention to what they are talking about with your guy freind? This way you can get the hang of it too.

The more you stay away from socializing with girls the harder it will get in the future so start practicing, even if you screw up and say something stupid, make a joke out of it, plus people forget quick.

Its going to be awkward at first but with practice youll get better and better so dont be discouraged.

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