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I’m sorry to say this but I think you’re wimpy. Two of you haven’t meet yet and already you’re crying your heart out for her? Look dude I have done this a year ago (I’m 18 now), with a girl and I chatting online for about three months. Into a month, she told me that she was in love with me and hoped for us to be together one day. She even talked of how sexy her name would be if my last name were to be added as her last name (as in marriage). That was even before I felt anything for her. Now believe me when I tell you that I felt strongly for her even though I haven’t meet her yet and could have swore that we were soul mates. So what seems to be the problem? Well part of the reason she “broke up” with me (in a cruel way, by leaving in the middle of our last conversation, we were arguing and she left in the middle of it instead of trying to resolve it, and that’s it, no bye bye, that’s how cruel she was) was that I realized that I may have come off as somewhat wimpy, although I came off as very strong in the beginning, I guess she just want a guy who are so full of himself. “bad boy” theme comes to my mind but I know that wasn’t what it was about. Still she gave me up without even trying to resolve our argument. This was three month into our “relationship”, as matter of fact; I was actually planning to move to where she lives so I can be with her in a month before she break it off with me. I’m glad anyway, I learned from it, learned that I wouldn’t do something like that again, I became more “tougher” and I know I don’t really care anymore if I ever get a girlfriend or not (although that would suck). The point is…do not stress too much on it or come across as a wimpy with her, saying I love you and all that crap, which is exactly what I did with that girl, she did the same. It might scare your girl off and just makes you look plain weak, wimpy and unattractive. Just be cool about it okay, it isn’t easy I’m sure since you still need to maintain the main core of your character that she had fell in love with. Of course you would do anything for her, a year ago I was saying the same thing a year ago. Whatever you do, just stay cool, you never know, she could not be a right girl for you once two of you meet.

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