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I really just need to vent here.

So, there's this guy. He's a real jerk. I've known this for a long time because he dated one of my good friends(they're both juniors, i'm a freshman, i met them doing track). He was a total jerk to her, cheating on her, and everything like that. They broke up a few months back, but she still likes him, I can tell. Anyway, he had been flirting with me, alot. I'd be standing somewhere and he'd come and put his hands on my hips or start holding my hands or something like that. Everytime he'd see me he'd talk to me, and he's cute...I mean REALLY cute, so I LOVED it, obviously. Well, one day he texted me, and asked me if I wanted to hang out. I thought it sounded fun, and I mean he was nice enough to me, so I stupidly agreed to hang out with him. He said we were going to go hang out with him and some of his friends AT his friends house. I thought that would be good, you know, nothing would happen...well...wrong. It ended up it was just me, him, and his friend(whos house it was) and then his friend LEFT. Well...needless to say stuff starting happening and I ended up having sex with him. It was my first time...his like billionth time. The worst part is that it was totally unprotected. I had no intention of that happening...nothing even close to that happening. I told him specifically I was not going to have sex with him, but, what was I going to do with this 6'4, big guy on top of me? I'm not saying he raped me or anything, I mean I enjoyed it well enough I guess, but I never expected it to escalate to what it did.

Now all of this was fine until yesterday. I found out from a good friend of mine that he'd been telling people. Well, he never said my name, but he told my friend that he had sex with one of her friends...and what's worse is that it was during lunch to a whole table full of juniors. This made me even more mad because he was the one INSISTING that we keep this totally on the DL and to make sure I kept my mouth shut...well...looks like we had it a little backward. Well, it wasn't that bad because at least people didn't know it was me(my friend just said, "Hey guess what I just heard?"...nothign about me) but then today, my ex-boyfriend who is also the guy's best friend, started telling everyone it was me. He has angry because when we went out, we never did anything and I wasn't even dating this kid and we had sex. So, now, my entire school thinks I'm a **** and knows that I slept with that guy. I was so upset that I just started crying when I found out...and I ended up leaving school after 4th period. I know, I can't run from my problems, but, I jsut couldn't stay. I don't know how I'm going to go back to school tomorrow. My best friend called me during lunch(she knew all about it from me already...she was the only person I told and I knew I could trust her) and told me to just not let it bother me. To come tomorrow and keep my head up and act like nothing is wrong. Easy for her to say...but I know that's what I have to do...

Besides that...does anyone have any advice for me? TIA

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