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Yeah, I agree with the person above me. I think that you should deny it too. Did you say anything when people knew it was you? Were you really mad and upset? If you were, I hope you didn't admit or say I can't believe he did this to me or whatever in front of anyone but your best friend because then you can't really deny it now. I think you should just stay calm and just not admit it (no matter what the guy or your ex says)...I mean even if you say you didn't, people might still think you did but...your not pretending like it didn't happen because it obviously did but you just can't let them disrespect you like that (plus, it's your business hun). He seriously sounds like a typical guy..Ugh! And I understand that it's not too easy to just stop him..especially because you don't want him to think of you as a loser or something but you lost your virginity to some jerk! I wanna slap him!! It just sucks how he was your first and he has no consideration to just shut his mouth and make this a better experience for you. He just didn't care..I'm sorry to say but you fell for it :( Just because he has had sex many times, it doesn't mean he didn't care about you only because you weren't his first (it doesn't matter how many times he has had sex, it could have still meant something), it just showed it in the end when he couldn't keep it to himself. He's a real ******* and has to brag..I really wish you the best of luck and please don't let it stress you out and make you feel guilty or something. A lot of girls go through this and next time just learn from your mistake. I honestly almost slept with some guy I didn't know very well, just to do it..then I backed out and don't talk to him anymore. It really was hard for me to look past my hormones and what I wanted and just think, what is this going to do for me after? He just wasn't the right guy at all and I realized I didn't have to be like everyone else and to do things for myself because in the long run, no one but me is going to really remember or care about what I did.

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