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This problem is actually quite easy to answer.

The thrill of the chase is sometimes all girls are after (and guys can even be this way too). It is so exciting to trying "catch" someone, and sometimes, once you know they like you back, they seem less interesting. I'm about certain this is what happened here, and it sounds like you were acting insecure about the relationship --- for example when you kinda freaked out that she didn't hug you one day, just like that you wonder if she wants to break up. Next time just don't jump to conclusions, give it more time. When you immediately thought something was wrong, that was a turn off to her. Being insecure about the relationship is a turn off. And so is seeming too desperate or needy.

Sometimes you have to play a little hard to get... I'm not saying be a jerk and I don't in any way condone playing games in a relationship, but if you are secure in yourself and you love yourself first, you don't have to play hard to get because you will already consider yourself as a prize.

I'm sure she's just as confused too and she probably doesn't realize why she doesn't like you as much anymore, but that's the way it goes when you're young.

My advice would be to just give her some time ... keep it "cool" with her -- don't seem heartbroken ya know ... Just be her friend and don't think you have to move beyond that ... patience, patience, patience (easier said than done I know).

Hey, if you set off that kind of reaction in a girl (where she actually put that note on your car saying you're cute and wrote you all that stuff), then I bet you are a good looking guy and you should have no problems finding another girl who wants to practice kissing and holding hands with you. You'd be surprised because most girls are also really insecure and just want someone to like them.

Just take it easy and keep making new friends.

Good luck!

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