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Awe sweetie I feel for you.
When I was 14yrs old I had a boyfriend and I swore we would be together forever. I thought we had a major connection and we were just so "in love".

Then...he broke up with me.

I was absolutley devastated. It took me ages to get over it and maybe a good year or 2 to get the whole thing completley out of my system.

My point is, you are completley NORMAL to be feeling the way you do. Thats healthy. You are obviously a loving and sensitive person. This shows that in the future you will be capable of having such wonderful meaningful relationships.
Obviously this ex boyfriend has done you a favour.

Do you really want to be with someone who with a person for 9mths...say he loves you...then break it off and move on in such a heartless manner?

While he is "messing around and having fun" you will find someone who loves you.

Cry all your tears out...just know this isnt the end for you and there is DEFINATELY someone better out there for you.

Be easy on yourself.

As for your friendship with this guy...try and keep away from him as much as possible. And when your upset, dont let him know it, that'd feed his ego. It obviously doesnt need anymore feeding!
I feel sorry for his current girlfriend..she is in for the same thing you went through.

Chin up girl!:jester:

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