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First of all, as you get older, you will find that guys don't like insecure girls. The more insecure you become, the more of a turn-off that will be for the guy. If you walk around alll your life thinking everyone else is better looking than you are then it's going to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You should be happy that you have a boyfriend at all. There are so many young girls like you who come on here and complain about how they've never had a boyfriend and can't find one, etc. But you were lucky enough to get one. You should be happy about that. But if you're not careful with your insecurity, you will lose him because he's not going to put up with it forever.

I have no idea how you can get rid of your insecurity. But I do know that you need to stop blaming him. He hasn't done anything wrong. It's not a crime for the guy to look at other girls or talk to them, as long as nothing else comes of it. Guys are very visual, that's why all guys at some point in their lives look at porn. But the bottom line and the only thing that matters is that your boyfriend picked YOU and he goes home with YOU every night, not with any of those other girls that you've encountered during the day.

Stop being so jealous because guys really don't like insecurity in a girl. The confident ones are the ones who are most attractive. You need to be more confident and realize that you got lucky with him asking you out in the first place. He asked you out, not any of those other girls. So who the heck cares about them? They're obviously not important to him since he didn't ask any of them out.

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