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howdy everyone. yeh i need a bit of help wif my teen relationship!! ive liked this girl for about a year,yet i have never ever had a girlfriend in my life and i feel like there is somthing there between us, even though shes liked this other guy for a while (who im best frends with). we have gotten a relationship going, but they quickly stopped because, when im around her i get so nervous that i cant do anything! call it lack of experiance or whatever you want, but i coudnt even hold her hand without getting all hot and nervous. more recently, she had a birthday party which was supposed to be like a sorta trial date sorta thing, because she said shell give me a chance 2 do somthing with her. Horay! finally the chance i was waiting for. but that night was a big letdown, and i got really hurt because she was hugging her guy frend, who is a really open sort of person, but doesnt actually like this girl. I feel really embarrassed about it because i cant seem to do anything with her, and i get jealous by the tiniest of things. i was just asking, how do u not get nervous? how do u get rid of that little voice inside your head which is telling you you are doing it wrong? cheers
hey maybe you shouldnt stick to this one girl i mean your young my boyfriend never had a girlfriend either im his first he used to like girls and just not say anything about it and hes17 im dating a guy just like that so it does have to do with your self esteem if she is not going to be there to tell you that your a great guy and all and give you a little confidence then she isnt someone you should be with

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