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Yeah really, you don't need a girl now...I was my hubby's first actual girlfriend and well when you think about it, he says he is extremely glad that he waited so long...he was 17, but I had dated before and I did have some long relationships in elementary with one guy, and in middle school I had two year long relationships, and high school another relationship for about a year, I did to have little petty relationships in between just cause. But now that it has all happened, I sort of wish I wouldn't have jumped into the "boyfriend girlfriend" labels so soon. I mean come on I never loved any of them and it always seemed like at the one year mark something would happen (mainly me not having sex with them) and it ending. So that was a waste of three years for me in my middle school and high school years just to get dumped for not giving in, which I am thankful for because no one wants to be pressured into anything.

But some men and woman are just into the attention scene anyways. If it wasn't for me meeting my hubby when I did I would be single and not care about men at this point. So believe me you aren't missing out on anything until you know you have someone that you REALLY REALLY care for and who cares for you just as much. Everyone has a past, but I would have rather went a different route with some of mine.

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