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Ok guys, I have a problem with this girl lets call her Kristen, so I guess I would really like a girl to respond honestly because this girl is really confusing and i guess only a girl would realize how another girl thinks.

Ok so this begins in class last semester. There was this girl Kristin, and shes sooo pretty and you cant help but to notice how pretty this girl is, so i guess i would kind of give her the eye. And to my shock Kristin was giving me the eye too. But still i was way to nervous to ever approach Kristin. Anyway duing our free period she would go to the schools computer lab and so would i. She would kinda look at me, and I would kinda look at her in the computer lab. Anyway, one day Im in the computer lab sitting alone, and Kristin comes up and she says hi, and i said hi, and still i was to nervous to have a conversation with her. So after a while i said bye and so did she and i left. Anyway next day in class we were having these class presentations, and we had to move our seats around and Kristin came and sat next to me. AGAIN im still to nervous to talk to this girl. Anyway she starts up a conversation with me so it makes it easier to talk and we just were talking. Shes being so sweet and so nice. Anyway the next day back to the computer lab, and she is sitting alone, and I finally have the courage to go up and sit next to her. We have a conversation and it just felt really awsome, cuz i really liked her. And she is being her sweet self. I am really feeling that this girl likes me. I mean she gives me the eye alot when shes walking around the hall ways, and she smiles at me. Then she introduces me to her sister. Her sister is super snotty and stuck up, but i say hi, and she says hi in a really condesending way. Well anyway i didnt care, i was happy to have talked to this beautiful girl, and i kind of knew she liked me too.

Next day I go to the computer lab, Kristin isnt their, but sure enough her sister is. Anyway her sister is talking to her friend, and i overhear her say something to the effect of "See that ugly guy right there, my sister says he likes her, but i told her he was ugly and to stay away from him". My jaw is on the floor, like OMG. She defenitley wanted me to hear that. Well now im really nervous. So I go to class the next day and Kristin doesnt even say hi to me. Infact she says hi to my friend and she comments on how cute my friend is! I knew it, she was listeneing to what her sister had said. Anyway Im the first one in class and i sit in the chair, and for some reason, even after what happened, i am expecting this girl to sit next to me. So i do my best, i look at her and smile as she walks in the room, and she gives me the dirtiest look of her life! And she doesnt sit next to me. Anyway she goes up and gives this class presentation, and at the end when the teacher was like, how did she do, I raised my hand, and i said i thought kristin did really well. Again kristin gives me the dirtiest look after I complement her. Anyway now i feel like crap. I decide not to look at this girl at all and to completley avoid her. And thats what i do. Infact i got over it after a couple of days. I wouldnt look at her i wouldnt do anything. Infact I went to the computer lab, and i saw kristin sitting in a row that had a few computers left, because all the other rows were full. She saw me look at her, and i just turned around and left. I was trying to send her the message, that i would rather not go on the computer if i had to sit in the same row as you. What ever, i got over it. If she was going to just crap on me cuz her sister told her too, then shes really not as nice as i thought she was.

So like i said im over this girl rite. Well after a couple of days, someone screams out my name. And sure enough its kristin, and she comes running up to me, and shes like omg, where have you been, we havent talked in a while, and she strikes up a conversation with me, and shes like Ill see you tommorow. The next day she sits next to me, and she is being super sweet. Im like what?! well anyway, i think that she has come to her senses and now im super excited to be sitting next to her again, and now im liking her again. Then she tells me about her boyfriend. waht boyfriend?! But still shes being all nice with me. She even starts like giving me a innocent little back rub. well now im super pissed. i didnt know this girl had a boyfriend. and i think to myself, her boyfriend really wouldnt be happy if this girl was giving me a back rub and being all sweet. And then shes like omg we have to have the same class next semester, so she shows me her schedule and shes like! we have to take this class together, and like a moron i do it. I go online and i drop a class, just to take this stupid class with her. I figure maybe she must not be too hapy with her boyfriend, and maybe she likes me now, BUT WHY EVEN MENTION THE BOYFRIEND!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH,

Ok, well i used to have this bad acne problem, and i still get a couple here and their but i used this product named tazorac, and it burnt my face. It looks really bad when its sunny out, like you can see the burn, but not indoors. So i hate talking to people outside, i feel so self conscious of my burn. Sure enought kristin comes running up to me outside one day, and i notice her looking at the burn. She makes this really disgusted look on her face, and shes like, yeah im going to go see my boyfriend now and she just leaves. Well now i feel bad, and i go immedieatly and get my class changed out. I dont want to be in this girls class again. But for some reason, i cant get over her, and next day in the computer lab i sit next to her. When i do she makes a really dirty look, and she says "OH WHAT R U FOLLOWING ME AGAIN" and i nervously laugh. Then she gets on her cell and she texts her boyfriend to come to the computer lab. He comes in and she sits on his lap and kisses him right in front of me, and starts calling him honey and stuff. Then she starts making fun of me. And now im really feeling uncomfortable, and then kristin says, dont you have class or something. SHE OBVIOUSLY WANTED ME TO LEAVE. and i politley say, yes i do have class, and i just leave. Then shes like good luck on your final, and i politley say thanks. THIS IS THE LAST TIME EVER IM GOING TO TALK TO HER, I say to my self. I wasnt going to be a joke. I pulled out of the same class with her for the next semester, and thats it. It was friday and Monday was the last day of school. I made this pledge not to go near her, i wasnt going to go near her or even look at her on Monday. Anyway on monday i had to do this class presentation, it was my final, she comes in and she stares at me dead on. She kind of tugs my sweater and is like im going to sit in your seat while you do your presentation. Im thinking !!! and she sits in my seat. She keeps staring at me and smiling at me during the presentation. Now im pissed. Either you like me or you dont. Then i go to sit down after my presentation, and she starts giving me a back rub again, and shes like GREAT JOB! you did awsome. And shes like you better take that class with me next semester or blah blah blah. And shes smiling at me, and everything. Im all quiet during this, and i kind of answer her in really short answers. Im thinking is this girl crazy. Then when i get up to leave SHE GIVES ME THIS SUPER HUGE BEAR HUG! and shes like i better see you in class next semester, and i just shrug my shoulders, and whatever we leave. I could have followed her and walked out with her but i chose not too.

ANYWAY WHAT SHOULD I DO? IS THIS GIRL CRAZY, should i take class with her next semester. what is wrong with her. If i had a girl who liked me and i didnt like her, i wouldnt be giving her back rubs, hugging her, and being like take class with me next semester. Infact i would avoid her. When I'm nice to her she treats me like crap, then when i avoid her, she litteraly is like all over me!! what should i do. should i take class with her. WHAT IS SHE THINKING! GIRLS PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

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