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liz49, bronx, and all you guys for your suggestions. there was one thing that UNSURE_88 said

[QUOTE=Unsure_88] But if you are really nice and not straight forward she will always try and lead you on. Eventually if you tell her straight up she will either 1 get over it or 2 be presistent to get you to like her again and drop her harder the next time around. So in any way talking with this girl is completely impossible because she knows how to act sweet to win you back. But you have to lay it down that you don't want to be near her or else she will throw you through loops and keep on doing what she is doing.[/QUOTE]

You are so right. When she knows im trying my best to ignore her she is completley persistent to try and get me back to like her. It seems like the more I want to stay away, the more she is after me. And the more i get closer to her, the more she treats me like garbage. I guess my question to you girls is why???. I mean guys dont operate like that, or at least i dont. they are not intrested in having a girl they arent interested in follow them around. Whats her problem. If you dont like me I get it, you know, FINE ILL LEAVE YOU ALONE. but when i leave you alone, you start hugging me and giving me back rubs, and asking me to walk around with you. I dont think she is literally bi polar, i mean shes smart, so i dunno. And i just think of something that i didnt mention previously, when she did her presentation she was partnered up with this guy named kevin, and when kevin was talking he was stumbling on his words, and she stared rubbing his back to make him more confident i guess. I gotta admit i was jealous, and when i walked out of class she screamed my name, and she started rubbing my back while we were walking, she obviously didnt want to make me feel bad, and like the idiot i am, all was forgiven. Your right in the sense that she does act sweet to bring me back. Like I said the last time we talked she was super sweet, and that kind of made me iffy on the whole taking the class with her. Like I really wanted too, but then i remember how she treats me like crap. I figure if i I take the class, it would be so obvious that i like her. I mean everyday for the rest of the year she'll know the only reason im in that class is because she ordered me to take it. LITTERALY ORDERED ME TOO. and she will feel like she would have won. And if she feels like she won she will just crap all over me. I was going to let her win, but LisaMarie and the rest of you guys helped me out and convinced me not too. I wonder what shell say to me when she finds out. It weird, I kind of feel bad that she had been bugging me to take the class, and i wont be there. I Have no idea why i feel bad. But what makes me feel even crapier is there was this girl that liked me in that class. No she obviously didnt look like kristin, but still she was kinda cute, and she liked me. And i wasted all my time with kristin. This girl used to smile at me and complement me and walk with me, but instead i chose to talk to kristin. I FEEL LIKE A JERK. In fact on the last day of class Tracey(thats her name) kept smiling at me while i gave my presentation, and she said i did a great job too. Yet when i went back to sit down next to Kristin, and she was giving me a back rub, and blah blah blah, for some reason i forgot all about Tracey, and i walked out of class just thinking about kristin. ARGHHHHHHHH! and you know what, Tracey was kind of shy in front of me ARGHHHHHHHH! unlike kristin, who was like little miss hollywood. And you know what, im such an ***! omg I just thought of something. Me and Tracey liked the same bands, Kristin liked this awful garbage. OMG, I must have made Tracey feel like crap. I didnt even say bye to her on the last day of the semester. And with my luck we wont have the same classes with each other next semester. Sure I might see her in the halls but it wont be the same as having class with someone, cuz spending 40 minutes a day with each other is a big difference then seeing someone in between classes while they are trying to get to classes. This Kristin has ruined my life on 2 levels. ARGHHHHHH! Now i just hope i can have classes with Tracey again. If not Im screwed. Whatever, its just my luck anyway. And either way if i do have classes with Tracey she probably hates me because i didnt even say bye. God im such a jerk.

Anyway guys thanks for listening, I have noone else to talk about this stuff with, and if i told my guy friends theyd say im gay and laugh at me! some friends huh. lol. anyway thanks for your help and thanks for listening.

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