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Re: Jelousy?
Jan 15, 2007
It can be a phase.. I know sometimes I have worried about this.. but after almost 4 years of being with my boyfriend and spending more and more time with him, I see that I don't really have to worry about this. I do worry about my looks and try to keep myself looking good for him, but I know he loves me and wouldn't cheat. I just want to keep things that way and make sure he is attracted to me as well! Do you ever feel insecure? If you do, jealousy can be a tricky thing and can be tough to get rid of.. but it's doable and sometimes it's just a phase that kind of goes away.

Sometimes I will just go hang out with my guy friends a lot.. it kind of makes me realize that if nothing goes on with me and them, the same goes on for my boyfriend and his female friends. You just have to look at it that way. Stay confident and let him hang out with his friends.. try to keep yourself busy so you aren't worrying about it. The only time to worry about it is if he starts acting weird or you see changes in the way he is treating you and other girls. Getting jealous is a normal thing!! I think it just shows that you care about that person and you don't wanna lose them!
Re: Jelousy?
Jan 15, 2007
Don't worry, I used to get a little jealous with the guys who hung out with my girlfriend. I still talked to them, but I did get a little jealous. Believe me, those girls aren't trying to ask him out. And even if they were, then you should be thankful that you have an attractive boyfriend. Even in that case, he's still yours. And if you don't think he'd ever cheat on you, then I'm sure he knows the deal.

One of the guys I was a little jealous of ended up being in one of my classes, and he even helped me study. He was very nice. A lot of the other guys were very nice too, and even when they asked about my girlfriend, they were happy for me. So if anything, you should talk with those girls too. You might find that they're just being friendly. Hey, more friends couldn't hurt.

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