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Okay. Here are a list of things that I always consider, and always think about that are on my mind.

School - My parents sometimes tell me that your stupid, Focus on school. They don't tell me this all the time, They are not bad parents, I just don't understand why they would say that. I live in a normal household, Middle class. I just don't get why I should be called stupid. School work, I need to focus more on it, I just never put it into play.

Hobbies - I play drums, and I always get comments and people tell me a I have talent with them. But I need to put more practice in. I recently saw a drummer play, my favorite drummer, and it motivated me intill I lost track and had a problem with somthing, and stressed to much about it.

Girlfriend - When I met this girl, I felt like everything was good. This is where this all started. I always wanted someone to love like this, and I got it. I know that I will stay with her. It's diffrent, It's not one of the *Teen year things* It is diffrent. I can't explain. I always used to be happy, and I always thought about her. But now I am too frustrated to be happy. It is wierd. It is horrible. =[

Time - This all seems like I don't have enough time with my life. First off, I need to get started some where, and sort my life out. I'll take a walk after I read a reply. Someone please help.

Sometimes I hurt myself because of anger, I never do what I tell myself to do. I'll hit myself in the face. I would never cut my wrists, Never. Take my word for it. I just don't want it to get that bad. I just need a starting point. I am confused and I don't know what to do.
Okay...i just graduated HS in 2006. So from being in highschool this sounds like one of those experiences that i dealt with.

I would say in about my 11th grade year. I was just like you practically, although i was doing terrible in school...terrible grades and really just didnt care. i thought i could make it up later and still be good but i wasnt. the hobbies i was interested in...i wasn't interested anymore. i had a boyfriend and he helped me through this but i found myself picking more fights with him as he helped me. i wanted to hurt myself too and i cried all the time for no reason. i was pretty much a loner in a really depressed state. and you just might be on the verge of that from what your describing. So...i ended up having to go to the doctor..and he asked tons of questions and after all that decided to put me on Zoloft which is a anti depressant pretty much..but i took that for only a month ...and within that month i can honestly label it as the worse month of my life. the zoloft didnt help at all in fact made me worse...and on top of everything i couldnt eat, sleep, nothing..i lost like 20 pounds from no appetite. So i flushed them. i couldnt take it anymore.
After that i got some info on what i needed to fix in order to graduate...i started to really really try to look on the bright side of things...and did everything i could.. so in june 2006 you bet i was on that stage with all my classmates with a diploma and ive never felt so proud of myself.

So if that helped you at all my advice is to just try to get yourself out before you really get yourself into the deep end. In order to do really need to focus on your wants, your needs...stop wondering what your parents want, your girlfriend...[b]what do you want?[/b] what do you need to accomplish to make yourself feel proud. take it one step at a time and always remember you will feel better in the end. please let me know if i helped at all :-/

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