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:( I posted my whole life story kind of, in the stress section, but no one responds there so I'll drop a line here.

here's where my story starts (it could be a lot worse and longer but no one would read the whole thing)

She was divorced to my real dad who I have a healthy relationship with when I was about four and turned into an alcoholic. My brother and I took this well on the other hand, but we noticed our mom didn't care about us too much. Such as she would cook us dinner, but she wouldn't buy what we wanted and just made us chicken tenders or something.

When I was 10 she met a guy at a party who was nice at first the turned into a control freak, and my mom on the other hand became depressed and constantly overreacted or complained over the littlest things, yet she never cleaned the house or yard.

They constantly had fights, and its hard explaining to your friends why they were woken up by your parents screaming when your 12. They're fights were always over small and insignifigant problems but, alcohol and my "stepdad"'s tendancy to not care about her feelings only made them worse. After these fights started happening she stopped cooking dinner and wouldn't listen to me or my little brother.

Well, he ended up wasting my moms money, but promised he'd pay it back in writing, and when I say money I mean $236,000 or in other words my moms money she was going to live off of.

Well, they obviously broke up, which is good for them both except my mom is going to sue my "stepdad" and I fell like I can't pick sides. Even though I know my moms right.

Well, her horse died, and that was the "on thing she cared about" and now she's depressed even more and even at times suicidal...

my mom wants to move out of the country, which would seriously screw my life up, I mean I have to finish school here, where the people speak my language... I have friends and I'm not emo or anything (not that its wrong to be one). I'm a normal kid who wants to finish high school and go to college. I'm a freshmen this coming year, but I can't play sports or go to my friends houses because my mom won't and I have to think about leaving the country?!

I have to do sooooooo many chores now that my stepdad is gone. I have no idea how I'm going to be able to watch take care of my mom, my brother and
get a job because my family can't afford much anymore. My real dad buys me clothes now, but I can't ask him forever?

So I have 4 options, all of which I dislike.

1. Move with my mom and brother to who knows where and probably waste my life.

2. Ask my real dad to help me buy a condo in my town, until I finish school. My brother will live with me.

3. Move out to California with my real dad (if he lets me)

4. Not go to college and get a job to support my family

*any way I choose its going to be hard for me, because I don't want to know what would happen to my mom if I moved out. I have to watch my little brother, and focus on school. I guess I can say bye bye to having a girlfriend this year or friends in general, and being popular.

So my worst fears are coming true in the next 2 years. My parents are going to ruin my life. It's just a matter of time now....:(

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