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Things to say to a girl?
First you can start by introducing yourself, and doing that depends on where the two of you (you and the girl) are.
Such as: "Hi, my name is___ I live down the street from you."
Or, "what's up, my name is _________ we are in 3rd. class together.

Sometimes the conversation comes before the introduction!

Example: If she's standing watching the monkey's at a zoo, you can stand next to her and speak, asking her what kind of monkey's they are?
If she's watching a basketball game at school, you could start out by speaking asking her what's the score? Do you know who's winning?
Is there a particuler girl that you want to talk to? If she's walking her dog, you can comment on the dog!
Such as: That's a nice dog! What kind is it?
These are a few in a million things you can say to a girl. These are conversation starters, depending on what she's doing when you see her.
If she's standing with some of her girl friends, or with a guy/guyes, you might want to wait till she's standing/walking/sitting alone.
Well, there you have it! :cool:
I highly agree... I don't get why some guys just try to act overly tough and cool to impress a girl. Just be yourself! Sounds simple, but that's what works. If I met a guy trying to be ghetto or really tough, I'd laugh to myself as soon as they walked away and would think they were immature. Just be normal and be yourself and that's good right there!

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