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Re: Never had a BF
Apr 6, 2008
[QUOTE=LovelyLove;3396784]well ive never had a boyfriend and i really want one. i am kind of shy but not really. anyone know how i can get one or help me out?? please[/QUOTE]

Well coming from a males perspective, some guys like a shy girl.

It can be difficult to approach the opposite sex (I should know, I'm quite shy myself!) but just compose yourself and relax, and try and ask the friends of the guy you like about what he likes and stuff. Please, please, please don't try and be someone that you're not, because although you'll be trying to impress that guy, it just isn't you.

I'd never had a girlfriend until October just gone (I'm 16 at the minute), but I knew her friends who managed to tell me some things about her. I went out on walks with her before we were going out, and got to know her a bit then, so all these little things help.

I'm sorry if this sounds a bit muddled up, but it's late here in the UK :yawn::p

As I said, don't be afraid, be yourself, and if that guy rejects you for whatever reason, don't get down, as I've no doubt you're a beautiful girl.

Hope I've helped,

Adam :D

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