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Please help me! I am expected to have my period within the next 2 days (i can feel the cramps coming on) so that means i will be 'on' on valentines day! :( Me and my boyfriend were planning to do stuff on that day (its the only day we get to be together) but now i can't! Also, we are going to the cinema, but on the first few days of my period i always end up smelling quite i am going to be soo embarassed! What should i do??
I'm sorry but theirs not a whole lot you can do. Your boy friend is a big boy, and he should understand these things by now, so if he cares for you, he will have a good time just the same. Hey, what you can do though is check out/look at some of the new feminin hygene products they now have at the stores! Maybe you will see something that will help your delima. My wife always use panty shields/liner's, and perfumed powder in her clothes, as well as spray a slight bit of perfum on (not much) to help her smell her best during that time of the month. Good luck, and happy hearts day!
There's nothing you can do. If you wanted to skip your period, you would have had to go on the pill 2-3 cycles ago to get your body ready for it, and then you could have skipped it this month. But since it's two days away, you can't stop it from coming.

I agree also that your bf should be understanding. You're a woman and women get their periods. It's a fact of life, one which is a clear indication that you're healthy and fertile and able to have babies. Don't ever be ashamed of having your period, because it's all part of being a healthy woman.
Well I am guy and since you are a girl and want to avoid the sex thing tomorrow basically out of embarrasment, you should just give him the best blowjob he has ever had in his entire life. That way he gets off without you having to reveal your "stuff" and if you are shy about that, just get drunk beforehand.
I agree that there isn't anything you can do about it. I'm on the pill and can skip a period or delay it, but it's too late now to do anything about it. They DO sell feminine cups that supposedly hold any blood in them and allow you to still have sex, but I have never tried them and don't know much about them. I saw them at drugstores. I heard of a few people here on Healthboards that said they liked them and they were easy to use, so that's pretty much the only thing that may work for you.

For the scent, do you use pads? I always find that using tampons makes me feel a bit "cleaner" than when I use pads. I felt fresher and never noticed any odor. Just make sure to use fresh products and wear cotton underwear during your periods to avoid any odor.

If all else fails, I am sure your boyfriend will understand. It isn't like you CHOSE for this to happen! I'm sure you all can have a nice evening together anyway and will still have fun! Of course it's a bummer, but just try to have fun and not be too upset about it. You can still kiss and have fun of course!

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