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Please help me! I have been going out with my boyfriend for just over a year now and recently this girl in his year has started to flirt with him ALOT. She knows that he's in a long term relationship...i know that she fancies him beacuse everytime me and him are hugging and kissing she gives me dirty looks. Also, at breaktimes and lunchtimes, he has started to hang around with her more than me. :( Apparantly they have been flirting in lessons too, and they are going on a school trip together for a whole week! :( What am i going to do? Is it because she is funner or prettier than me? I just don't know what i've done wrong and i wanna know if he really does fancy her. Things were going strong until about 2 weeks ago when i found out about her! :(
Don't mean to put a downer on the situation, but back when I was in school, I'd been in a long term relationship for a long while and then I started noticing mild flirting going on between my girlfriend and this guy rather frequently.
In my premature, teenage way, I confronted her about it in the wrong way and basically accused her of cheating on me with him, which then made things bad between us.

But in the end (about two weeks later, in fact), one of her best friends told me that she'd been cheating on me for about a month. Guess who it was with?

Again, don't mean to put a downer on or anything, but you're both young. Young people are EXTREMELY fickle. And this sort of thing is going to happen. But it gives you experience and if it turns out that actually, he is cheating on you, then you'll get over it before you know it.

I do hope that is not the case though and that your boyfriend and this girl are just friends. Express your concern and see how things go. If he respects your feelings, then he'll spend less time with her. I wouldn't ask him to not spend time with her at all though, because she is his friend nontheless, and that then becomes a completely different problem.

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