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Hi Brad25 - Wow thats quite a story.... I'm glad you had the 7 months that you did. I do have a question.... is it possible she heard you went out with someone while she was away? I ask this because she was talking to your good friend. How good of a friend is your good friend?

Aside from that, You have graduated from High School. Sounds like your moving on. I don't know if college is in your plans, but moving on somehow, must be. This may scare her.

Also, yeah, she sounds attracted to this other guy. They spent some time together, and it just happened. I know, harsh. BUt remember , She is still is High School. She is playing games. She HAS TO, in order to survive. thats how it goes. You are now maturing way faster than her. As far as the girlfriend Loving thing, games, games, games, Sure she may love her, maybe even been physical, but she is definitely letting you know for a reason.

I was her once. It scared me so much that my boyfriend graduated and moved on.... Also, and I'm just throwing this out.... You weren't pressuring her into anything she didn't want to do were you? she sounds kinda young, and I don't mean in age.

I'm not trying to say this is your fault!! It really sounds like her. Your whole world has opened up now. You will meet so many girls now. You may not know that. I know that, I bet she knows that, and I'm guessing other people have told her that.

Best bet for you... please, move on.... if, after a couple of years your paths cross again, it may work then. And that can and has happened many times for people who graduate at different times. You seem to be very open minded an mature about this.... stay busy, stay wi. true friends, and some day, turn around and see who may be watching you secretly. You'll find someone. Or they will find you. Obviously , you are very lovable.

Take good care of yourself above all, and good luck. Sherbear38

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