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My daughter took a physical and had her urine tested. Can that test reveal if she is pregnant or has contracted some std.? She is late on her period and is complaining about having tender breasts. She say's she is not having sex but has shown alot of interest in boy's infact i have seen some very explicit text messages. I don't want to lose her trust by making her get a test done so i just had her and her brother get a physical.
Hi Dennis,
I understand your concern as I'm a parent too. As far as i know, the regular urine tests check for urinary infections. A ob/gyn office tests for pregnancy using urine, like the ones you buy over the counter (EPT/ clearblue...). Did you ask her doctor to test for it during her physical? About stds....breast tenderness isn't a symptom, as well as period delay. And they test them using vaginal swabs or blood tests. She doesn't seem to have stds, at least not with what you described. Pregnancy, yes...but sometimes women get breast tenderness right before the period, at least I do. Wait a couple of days and keep checking how she feels...maybe it's just a gynecological problem that can be easily solved with a visit to her gynecologist.
I know my family doctor would include a pregnancy test in the urine test for a teenage physical. The possibility of being pregnant would be a huge factor in her teenage health, which is what he is seeking.

Did she share her complaints of tender breasts and a late period with the doctor, or did you share it with the doctor? If so, I can see the doctor doing the pregnancy test.

I think the graphic text messages warrant a talk between you. There is no one better than you dad, to show your daughter you are watching over her to protect her because you love her so much. What a strong message you could send her right now. It is ok to ask your kids straight up questions, even on the uncomfortable subjects

I hope all is well with your daughter..

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