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The story (+Question 1):

My name is Ben, and I'm a sophomore in high school. I am a very loved person, and I'm not embarrassed easily. I say what I think, but I am also very respected. The girl I am talking about is a freshman. She doesn't have the best reputation, and isn't the best looking girl, but she's very cute.

I hooked up with this girl that I know a few times, and the she told me that it was over. I didn't talk to her for a couple weeks, and then she asked me to video chat and help her with her homework. We both had a great time and laughed a lot. After the second time we chatted I thought that she started to like me, and so I asked her to hang out again. We hung out and hooked up, even after she told me it was over the first time. We hooked up a few more times, and I kept playing it cool, texting her every day and talking to her. After we had hooked up seven or eight times in total, I asked her to be my girlfriend. Now we have been dating for five days, and I feel like I'm being a little bit too clingy. I am talking to her once or twice a day, and I see her every day for a short amount of time at school. I feel like she liked me more when I was playing it cooler and not really talking to her, but I know that she wanted me to ask her out. When I see her in person, I can tell that she's still into me, but over text and Facebook it seems like she doesn't want to talk too much. In general she is kind of an awkward person. I find myself always thinking about her and wanting to talk to her, but I don't want to bug her, and I really try not to. What should I do to be less clingy and get her to like me more, but still get to talk to her a lot?

Question 2: I hang out with a group of pretty popular guys at my school. We have about ten guys in total that chill with the group every day. Whenever my girlfriend walks over, they always make a lot of noise and tell me to go say hi and kiss her. They do this to try to embarrass me, and it works. I get really red, and so does she. Her friends make it awkward too, but not as much on purpose. (It doesn't help that she's a year younger than me.) What can I do to counter this, or make it stop? Like I said, I'm not embarrassed easily, but this is really aggravating since it makes it hard for me to flirt with her.

Question 3:

What we have done: Made out, (A lot) I have felt her up, and I have fingered her.

She doesn't seem interested in doing anything to me. Is this normal? I don't want to force her into anything, but she has always waited for me to make any of the moves. I have heard that she has blown guys before, but I don't really know any details on that. How would I get her to do stuff to me?

Question 4:

She and the rest of the school are in love with one of my closest friends. I know that she would break up with me in a second to be with him, but she honestly has no chance. (He told me) Since she would dump me for him, (I also know that she would dump me for one other guy. I'm not gay or bi, but he's a good looking fellow.) Do you think that she would she dump me for many other guys too?

Thanks for reading! It really helped me to just write this all down.


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