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Well to start off, me and my.. well I'm not sure what to call him, but lover, have been in love for about three years. This past year it's been on and off and has put me into a serious depression, crying all the time, losing weight etc. But anyway..

We are working on things together, it's been 11 days no with no fighting (usually we fight after a week and it's just done and we have to start all over) so I'm pleased about that. For us, how we work on things, we kiss, but I told him no making out of anything intimate. We cuddle a little, etc.
But this time, I told him nothing intimate, nothing at all because I feel like I get too attached and he never asks me to be his girlfriend after or anything.
He said he needs to time to trust me with his heart, and said he won't give it to me yet until I prove I won't fight him and get jealous over stupid things.
I feel like I am actually better with the jealousy thing. He always tells me "We always get so good and super close and happy then of course like always, you blow it up in my face and ruin it"

I can't live without him guys, really he is truly the love of my life and first boyfriend, and I want it to stay that way, no other guys.

We always seem closer after we do intimate things (we haven't actually had sex in months but other things make us closer obviously) But after I always cry days after wanting to be with him and be an official couple and I ruin it because I get so jealous and over protective because I get attached that way after doing things.

But my question is, should I give in and just let whatever happens happen? Like be intimate, loving, let him grow closer, not push things to happen quicker like a relationship, and hope for the best?
I know he will get better with me if I treat him amazing every day and not fight, but it's so hard and sometimes I have to fake it after all of the times he's hurt me.
Should I treat him great anyway and be intimate and loving with him once in a while and treat him like a boyfriend? I'm just really confused.

Also, is sex really important to make a relationship work? I feel like it kind of is, but I'm scared to have it because I might freak out on him after and push to be an official couple.
I know it wouldn't be good to have it every single time we hang out, which isn't much because he's so busy now, but maybe once a week or two weeks? I'm not sure how much someone should have it with the person they love

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