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I'm so sorry guys...I know all of you are probably wishing I would quit posting and everything, but stuff just keeps coming up and I don't know why! Alright, today I found out that my ex-boyfriend, for those of you who know me, the one I lost my virignity to and went out with for almost a year, has a girlfriend. Naturally, I still love him, I always will, and he will always hold a special spot in my heart because he was the most special person I have ever met...and I thank God that I got a chance to be with him...but I always comforted myself by knowing he was single and alone just like I was even though he broke up with me...and you know maybe this is a childish question and maybe it shouldn't bother me but it just DOES...ya know I mean I knew in my mind that we were both single so it didn't bother me as much but now some other girl gets to have what I had and I dunno it just BUGS the crap out of me...My friend should've never told me that he's got a g/f now...that was really [nasty] of her! Sometimes I just wonder why he didn't come back to me, ya know? I dunno...I just wanted to vent.......thanks for listening if you're still down here...sorry if I'm bugging you all [stuff] just keepings happening and it's like no one cares to tell me stuff like that.........OK I'm leaving...any input or you know just anything would be awesome...thanks...

:( *Ash* :(

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