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Ok so I'll start with the basic details....
And I made a promise to myself that within the next year, I will have lost my excess weight .
I made an appointment with a dietician so that I could have a talk with someone in private about it .When I first went to see her in early June I was 150cm and I weighed 11st going on 12st . For my physical build and height I was 2 stone overweight .She told me that I should try and maintain my weight while losing small amounts and that I would grow into it , But I didn't want to stay at that weight . So after that I started eating healthier and excercising regularly (Mostly swimming with my friend 3 - 4 times a week for about 4 hours) . I had another appointment with her 4 weeks after that and at that I was 157cm and I had lost half a kilo .I wasn't exactly happy with that but I did look a small bit skinnier so I stuck with it , And as of now I am 159cm and 11st exactly .

But recently I have stopped excercising ,I haven't been going swimming and I'm not eating as much.My regular routine is waking up at about 1'o'clock having lunch and going out with my friends at 2'o'clock until about 9 .I then will go on Facebook or text people until about 11'o'clock where I will have a bowl of cereal .I'll then go upstairs and lie on my bed texting or on Facebook until I get tired and go to sleep (Usually between 1 and 3 depending on who i'm talking to)

I have tried excercising but I always get bored after about 20 minutes and go for a shower .The excercise I do is either walking my dogs , Running on a treadmill or going on an excercise bike .I have tried sports and I always end up giving up on them after about 3 - 6 weeks because I feel that I'm terrible , Slow or something of that sort .I have never been bullied , And people aren't putting me down , To be honest most people tell me I'm not that overweight(Friends , Parents , Family , Girlfriend) The only person that is making me feel bad is myself .
My diet recently hasn't been the best with cereal (Cheerios) and energy drinks (Red Bull , Monster) being the only thing I have except for water.

My life is great at the moment , I've started skateboarding , I've made new friends and I got my first real girlfriend , So I don't understand why i'm feeling worse about myself then I did 2 months ago .I know the reason is because I am overweight , But I'm not as overweight as I used to be .I mean I used to be happy , Hyper and all over the place , But recently I have been quite and withdrawn .Even if no one has anything to say , I just needed a place to go to let stuff out.

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