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Hi all, i'm wondering if it's possible to start puberty but never actually finish it? Or only experience some changes while other changes are never reached? I've been trying to find out but can never find much helpful information... it's usually assumed that once u hit puberty then its all smooth sailing, more or less, into a fully mature adult. Not so for me

I'm a 24 year old guy and i'm sure that i never actually completed puberty.. like seriously. I'm stuck looking like a 14-15 year old boy.

I basically didnt hit puberty until i was well and truly 16 years old. I experienced the main textbook changes - appearance of pubic hair,slight underarm hair, voice changing, increased sexual interest/ability to ejaculate. Although my voice changed initially, it still sounds quite youthful (early to mid adolescence) and not like a man in his 20s.

What i NEVER experienced to this day, that i should've, was changes in my skeletor/muscular build. Changes such as broadening shoulders, wider chest, bigger hands, a more masculine frame. Basically my body has never changed shape. I know my own body and never experienced any changes in body frame - i still have narrow thin shoulders, small chest, boney girl arms, basically the same kind of body physique as a 12 year old boy. I know that changes can occur at different times and rates.. but eventually it all catches up and you finish, certainly by the time you reach your 20s.

Just for reference, i haven't completely stopped further development dead in its tracks... However, the only other changes to have *gradually* occurred since is some facial hair (albeit not very thick, partial coverage, slow to grow back once shaved) and some very light chest hair. For the most part, i havent changed that much the way i look now and when i was 16. As far as my body shape, it just hasn't changed at all. I still have a youthful looking face and overall young appearance, due largely to my immature body frame.

For those who still don't get my problem.. look up Andy Milonakis, a 31 year old stuck in the body of a preteen. I consider myself like a semi-Andy Milonakis.. not a complete absence of puberty, just partially complete, and being stuck in the body of an early teen.

So any ideas, suggestions as to what might cause such abnormal puberty progression? I haven't had any medical check-ups lately, no known conditions or diseases... but wouldn't be surprised if i have something undiagnosed, so i'm open to anything no matter how unlikely it might seem.

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