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I'm almost 17 and I've had one long term girlfriend. It lasted over a year and ended messily. We were good friends for two years prior, me being friendzoned. Well I just got over that break up and am ready to go after new girls. The problem is I don't have the slightest clue how. I just got a job a bit more than a month ago. When I got hired, there was a really cute girl getting hired at the same time who goes to school nearby but is 1 year older. I got her number ASAP but shortly after, I met another girl (turned out to be her best friend) and we got along really well, so I thought maybe it was better to pursue her since we got along so well. two or three weeks later after getting her number and such I asked her if she wanted to go get ice cream or something. two days later she calls to tell me we are just friends. So I decided to go after the original girl. She'd hugged me a couple of times and asked for my number when she got a new phone (but not the guy next to me) and proceeded to ask how work was going that day. I decided to start texting her some since then and have kept it light and basic, nothing real personal or anything. She doesn't seem incredibly interested and I'm afraid I've already fallen into the friendzone. What Can I do with this girl to try to change that or prevent it from happening. If there's no hope, how do I prevent it in the future? Since it's at work I don't think telling them they look nice would be great since she'd think i was crazy due to the fact we wear the same uniform every day. I've never gotten a girl to straight up like me off the bat and don't have the slightest idea how, especially at this age and in this environment. I also want to make it known that i'm not unattractive or particularly dorky. I just don't have the best idea how to flirt, especially physically or slightly sexually (verbal.) Any advice would be great.

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