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before I begin .. I want to let you know that my english is not really good .. but i'll give it a try

Well I was in relationship with a really good girl .. one day I decided to surprise her with a sudden visit to her house but it ended so bad .. she was badly surprised , when I called her on the phone she thought that I was kiddin' then she got out without even noticin' me .. I folowed her askin' what's wrong but she just said ''I'm goin' to my uncle's house just keep away from me'' .
i told her OK as you like .. and when I got back home she told me on facebook '' you know what you did is wrong''
I went crazy and we had a fight ''on Facebook" which ended by me breakin' up with her . And since that none of us said a word.

what I understood threw her talk is that she wanted to be called before I go and she was kinda shy or confused with her parents (i mean that she didn't wanna her parents to know about me ) also she's stubborn, she doesn't wanna admit that she's wrong

So I'm desperate now .. I want her to admit her fault and get back together .. but you know in cases like that, guys would never ask for forgiveness when they're right and specially me .. on the other hand she have the same idea .. she's acting like she's right but she knows the truth .. whatever , it had been 3 weeks since the fight and we still the same.

Please guys or girls explain to me what's happenin' and find me a solution to get her back :'( I'm so confused. please

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