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... recently i have had a major break up with my boyfriend, and it feels like i have been stabbed in the chest. Its not as if i dont see him either, we share the same group of friends. ... (5 replies)
... Alright well I am not a guy but let me tell you a bit about my situation and the problem that bugs me!! Her name is ANNIE! ... (16 replies)
Dating Woes
Apr 2, 2001
... I turned 20 last week, sorry I've lost the title of teen, but I still feel that you guys could help me out the most. I'm stuck in a rut. ... (2 replies)

Is it possible?
Nov 22, 2003
... First off just let me say that is WAY possible to love at any age. Like you I fell In love at seventeen. And like you the guy was a complete Jerk. Dont believe what people say about guys never changing becuase they do. ... (10 replies)
My life
Jan 13, 2002
... Thank you so much for your reply. I think that I have done exactly what you did. Put up a "wall" to everyone else in the world. I guess that I am afraid others will let me down, as I have been let down by most people that have been in my life. ... (36 replies)
... Honestly, you are better without him. i know you wont feel that way, but seriously, i was dumped about a year ago, and i loved my ex boyfriend so much, it hurts like crazy, but if you have a long cry and have friends to support you through it, you'll be fine. ... (6 replies)
... I am a sophomore in high school. I have had 3 boyfriends my whole life. My first one was in 5th grade, it lasted until 6th grade. He was more of a best friend than anything. We didn't kiss or even hold hands. I don't think we ever even hung out outside of school. ... (7 replies)
... hello mellisa..i suggest you should think this way... how do you know that no other guy will love you as how you want to be loved? ... (10 replies)
... Thanks angel it helps to know that others can share in this. My fiance and I decided that the next time my bro has a probation meeting we are going to go with him and talk to his PO we cant talk to the police because she works with them as a paramedic and so she is friends with all of them. ... (4 replies)
... she likes her sheets on the bottom and I like a blanket on me before my sheets. ... (4 replies)
Is it possible?
Nov 21, 2003
... hey jaebird! thanks for sorry to hear you havent talked to him in years...but anyways... ... (10 replies)
... I understand how much you may love Jake, and meeting him over the internet is nothing to be ashamed of. They can turn into wonderful relationships! ... (14 replies)
... best friend and i are both 14. We have been going out for about 9 months. We have a very close relationship, although not much physically due to the fact that we are both very shy and kinda scared. We feel very close to eachother. ... (3 replies)
... of it on your mom's end. She's not stable and you don't need her turning on you too. This is how my mom was. She has favorites and is only capable of being nice to one at a time and treats the other like crap. You need to tell your bro to talk to his p.o. and tell them what's going on. ... (4 replies)
My life
Jan 11, 2002
... Wow, thank you so much for replying. I very much needed to get all of that out into the open and release the truth a little bit, even if I am still "unknown". To be honest, I cried when I read your responses, it is like a mental therapy all in itself. Thank you so much, you do not know how much that means to me. ... (36 replies)
... spect, I'm not sure you really read my problem, which really burns me up after you finish saying something like that, and making me feel foolish and as if i made a mistake, which I did not. ... (6 replies)
... g time yes. or at least it is when ur 15. anyways... i like him just as much as i ever have... and i would never wanna break it off with him. ive never felt this way about anyone before and i really dont wanna lose it. however my problem is this... the boyfriend i had before him was a perfect boyfriend. ... (13 replies)
... Sorry Mike, didn't mean to abandon you.....I only get on the computer every now and again! ... (18 replies)
... ur not ugly.. but u just dont believe in urself and u made others relize ur weakness points and tease u all the time.. well.. im 20 years old and i can tell u my boyfriend isnt WOWW handsome.. but he is attractive in his own way. becoz of his strong personality and the way he thinks.. everybody loves him and respects him.. ... (29 replies)
... It's pretty much a last resort for me to post all this on a message board, but I really need some honest opinions from people and perhaps some guidance. ... (15 replies)

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