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... but she hates the idea of you getting involved with another girl. If she knows how you feel and hasn't tried to pursue you romantically, then you don't owe her any loyalty except as a friend. My advice would be start dating a bit, just casually if you aren't ready to get seriously involved. ... (10 replies)
Boy hits me
Nov 9, 2003
... this guy sounds like a total idiot to say the least. Do what they say, fight back, he'll back off after he gets whats coming to him. ... (18 replies)
... or a bit, but you see, i am unable to "play the game" because i am "riding the pine" and "the coach" is a dumbass and wont let me play. And the thing is that the guy friend that i am around are mostly single, but i havent known them for long since i have only been at school for 7 months. ... (23 replies)

... I got engaged when I was only 18 years old to a guy I met when I was 16. I ended up getting married at age 20 and divorced three years later. I was WAY too young to settle down. ... (2 replies)
... o go after new girls. The problem is I don't have the slightest clue how. I just got a job a bit more than a month ago. When I got hired, there was a really cute girl getting hired at the same time who goes to school nearby but is 1 year older. ... (1 replies)
... ass let her know you don't want to take the class just cause she wanted you too and that you switched cause you feel you are better off not being around her. You can be completely nice by saying that but still be firm and stand your ground. ... (27 replies)
... I like some girl alot but decided but i dont have the guts to say anything, but so far, everything I know about her, I like. The way she talks, draws, everything. ... (3 replies)
... Man...I swear to Bob...Ok...well if u remeber any of my other post, i use to have a problem talking to shy. Well i realized that i shouldnt be so shy. ... (2 replies)
... Ohhhhh my, if there's any area of life I specialize in, it's this.... falling for your best friend, there's nothing like it, yet when it happens, you want to scream... ... (8 replies)
... Hello everyone I have a major problem with this guy that I am in love with. ... (1 replies)
This girl
Dec 12, 2003
... have things gotten any better? ... (25 replies)
... I went out with this guy a few times last year but nothing happened. He was really into me but I wanted to get to know him better. ... (3 replies)
... friends" in the past and recently that have liked me but i didnt pay any attention to them and now they dont talk to me or they just hate me. ... (7 replies)
... c you cant legally enter sign a contract yet for the electric bill, phone bill, satellite, water bill, to get a car or insurance for the car, etc. ... (5 replies)
... is involved. However, I can imagine there's a high probability that a man dating your sister would cheat on her. ... (15 replies)
What do i do...
Jun 11, 2004
... There isn't really a whole lot you can do. He is a 15 year old matter what his I am pretty darn sure he thinks about girls...and any other thing that 15 year old guys think you really really like him..Just wait till he's old enough to date... ... (2 replies)
... I think she does it to ALOT of guys....but the thing is....I dont mean to be mean or nething...but...every guy that she flirts with and hangs with is either ugly... ... (7 replies)
... However you'll find as others said its normally the nice guys poeple settle down with and that get far in life. ... (29 replies)
... Let me tell you, the dumb jocks may get 'laid' in high school and college, but in the real world, it's the confident, smart guys that have all the fun. ... (29 replies)
What do i do...
Jun 11, 2004
... i like this guy alot only he isnt allowed to date until he is 16... he is a strong mormon so he doesnt seem like the type that would make out with a girl or even get horny..... but he is such a good guy and hes so hot and i want him so bad!!!! ... (2 replies)

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