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... I have a question.. this is mainly for the guys... What would you do if a girl asked you to take ballroom dancing lessonswith her? ... (3 replies)
... you also see people gettin shot 40 times n still standing, people get put through walls.. people mke cars fly... ... (9 replies)
Any help please?
Jan 3, 2005
... I get the whole shy thing. Im shy too, but a girl, obviously. ... (5 replies)

... Lately, for some reason, I keep feeling mad and frustrated about the fact that this girl I like used to have a boyfriend. I know it sounds imamature, but it never used to bother me before, until now. ... (19 replies)
... I am not a guy I am a girl but I think I may be able to help! I am only 21 so I have been out of High School for 4 years. But I remember what it is like! ... (11 replies)
... but in most cases a guy in his twenties doesn't go out with a high school kid unless she's "putting it out" a bit too liberally or he's very immature and can't get a girl closer to his own age. ... (22 replies)
... but im just glad im no the only one who is concerned about my brother. everyone is telling me not to worry and it's not a big deal but those are coming from my guy friends, whom i realized recently, i can not get any advice from them about my brother. anyhow, im 25 yo and i have a sister who is 22, just like you. ... (3 replies)
... Hope these help. They do work, just be careful on what you do, you can over do them. ... (29 replies)
... YOUR IN 7th GRADE! your way too young to go out with these guys, i know, i'm around 'em all the time. U probably haven't had any experience, if it all, grade three doesn't count hun. Guys at these ages are way over your heads, like having sex, not all, but a lot. ... (4 replies)
He Cheated :(
Jun 28, 2008
... that if a guy ever cheats on you once, then he will keep doing it if you take him back. Unfortunately, it's true. There's nothing you can do about it. Except try not to allow yourself to be disrespected in that way. ... (4 replies)
I love him but...
Nov 19, 2004
... relationships have ups and downs, this one seems rather confusing. I personally would suggest breaking it off with him till he matures. He doesn't seem like he can handle this realtionship with you while balancing friends. ... (4 replies)
What would u do???
Dec 10, 2003
... I'd make at least one or two friend from those various type of group soooo... I can read people very well and have observed behavior throughout highschool... learning from my own mistakes along the way too... ... (11 replies)
... year solder than her, its not a big deal at all, and she is bitter from her last relationship which ended messily. I was told that she doesnt really think she can go out with another guy any time soon. ... (5 replies)
... Well, obviously you have caught her interest, but this interest is intrigue in who the mystery guy is. So this raises the problem of what happens if she discovers who you are and is disappointed, which is a possibility. ... (22 replies)
Any help please?
Jan 3, 2005
... I can talk to girls but im not a guy that goes up to them...Reason being is that im very shy unless i get to know them or they come up to me.Dont know if i can be confident in talking to a girl. ... (5 replies)
... This guy is playing you like a piano! ... (21 replies)
... opener. If I could work my will, it would be required reading for every high school girl in the country. ... (31 replies)
... Well..the first thing I like in a girl phyically is body...a nice fit toned body....And the girl doesnt have to be the sexyiest girl there is....she doesnt have to have a perfect face or anything...but a "OK" face...and I take that back about a nice fit toned body.... ... (68 replies)
... to get more people to see your post and respond, rather than limiting potential respondants to posters who are already reading someone else's thread. ... (7 replies)
... I've known this girl for about a year now. She's amazing. We're great friends. Both 16. ... (2 replies)

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