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I cant talk
Jul 8, 2001
... big problem and I dont know what to do. I have real trouble communicating with people. Im 16 years old. This past school year was terrible for me. I couldnt talk to anyone but one old friend of mine. I can talk to him just fine, but anyone else in the whole school I cant. ... (16 replies)
... i know a couple girls that i think might be a little interested in me, but the problem is i never seem to have any way to talk to them. ... (3 replies)
... Ok..well last summer I met victor in summer school. That summer, i found out that I was moving to another city and he was aware of it. ... (18 replies)

... i just found out from a friend whos also in the class with her that she and a bunch of other people who i hang out with are dropping it and taking the slower version. ... (25 replies)
... pls plp, i really need help before monday, i dont know what to do for this thread!! (112 replies)
... i kind of need another suggestion for this thread.... (112 replies)
... so its final then, this monday, this monday i talk to her!! ... (112 replies)
... Ok so this begins in class last semester. There was this girl Kristin, and shes sooo pretty and you cant help but to notice how pretty this girl is, so i guess i would kind of give her the eye. And to my shock Kristin was giving me the eye too. ... (27 replies)
... I'm the shy, confident, funny, nice guy. I'm also VERY lazy. I do jokes in class and talk when teacher talks with my guy friends teammates, but thats all.. ... (2 replies)
... there is a kid in my science class that is constantly putting me down. lets call him Joe. Yah, well everytime i talk Joe has something mean to say. ... (8 replies)
... ok...well...i cant tell you how to approach them either cuz im a girl to. But ive had guys come up to me like that and say a number of things. This one guy in my hr just came over, and asked me why i had marshmellows. And i told him becuase im in culinary operations and we needed them today. ... (7 replies)
... i asked her today if she wanted to go get pizza after school tomorow and she said maybe. At least its not a no. Im begining to realize that there is a twist in this story though. My best friend is in one class with her and me and it turns out he likes her too. ... (25 replies)
Touchy feely
May 15, 2004
... The girl im talking about isnt dumb, she is in quite a few honors classes. If she ever breaks up with her boyfriend and im single than ill make a move, but for now im not going to try anything. ... (10 replies)
... bout it or him i jus cry my eyes out soooo much, and like i still do now, and its been over a year, and i dont really want to go 2 a councilor or anything and i cant really talk about it to my parents, so i dont know what i should do... ... (2 replies)
... yeah dudes dont like to talk haha. i have no idea whats up with that. haha. i cant just say hey dude have you ever this and this .or what do i do about this. NOTHING!! haha squatt! haha. ... (18 replies)
... im 17 in oakland,ca and my girl friend is 15 shes turning 16 in march,we go to different schools....were deeply in love,her mom is strict!!....theres cameras around the house,bars on the window,alarms on the gate..... ... (15 replies)
PLeAsE HeLp....
Jul 18, 2004
... hey yawl....well its been a while since this happened but its stuck in my head...well i dont really have a problem with it...i just wanna know if it was wrong or like are we equal.... ... (3 replies)
... You could always ask one of her friend but you did say you never talk to them so it would be wierd for you and them. The best thing to do is maybe ask her in person in the halls or after class or write a note. ... (60 replies)
... I starting to freak out because im sorta starting to like him but i just wanna stay friends cuz im afraid it will ruin all if our friendships. Anyways i cant date and i dont want to like him!!! but it is happinin that way. anyhelp? ... (2 replies)
Lost mind
Aug 16, 2004
... and dont want to go if im gonna end up droping out or failing, it will just put me into debt. when i was in school i did absolutly nothing but sit in most of my class's if i went to them and slept. Im very hard to get motavated and when i am it doesnt last long, i just get bored. ... (28 replies)

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