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... That's okay t-dash, I just found some of it a little insulting. Anyway, today we were talking about our names--no reason why--anyway, sorta funny, sorta not, she mentioned her ex-boyfriend whose name happens to be... Will... Then after she told me a story she said "dumbest thing I ever done," and later repeated again under her breath. I didn't find it insulting, and it... (18 replies)
... if you never speak to her again it won't help her, it will probably hurt more. ... (4 replies)
... ok, so my ex just cheated on me, which is unimportant but important for this story. So my ex and I met on our dorm floor freshman year and everyone on our floor became really close friends. ... (3 replies)

... she did the same thing with this other friend she used to have when that friend went out with her ex boyfriend.. ... (12 replies)
... weren't really gettin along anymore.. and him and i just felt that he broke up wit her.. and now im scared to tell her that im going out with her ex boyfriend.. she was telling me that she'll get mad if she ever finds out that i went out with him! ... (12 replies)
... lse that i don't do anything with anymore, but still havent gotten over yet'. So, we both have feelings for each other. On the 14th, we were hanging out, and his ex girlfriends name kept coming up. I guess one of his bestfriends keeps having this reoccuring dream that him and his ex get married. ... (3 replies)
... I know from experience...I thought I'd marry my first boyfriend and be with him forever, but then he became very possessive of me and caused me great pain as he tried to make me marry him. ... (12 replies)
... is...idk who to believe. My boyfriend has shown me stuff that could be proof that he didn't do that, but then my friend pretended to be someone else and IMed his ex that he apparently asked back out, so my friend could find out the truth, and the girl said that he did ask her out. So idk who to believe. ... (5 replies)
... mail and it said what she had wanted to say the previous night which was that she had strong feelings for me. About a week later she broke up with her boyfriend again and we started seeing each other. I had to leave for the summer though and when I returned she was seeing someone new. ... (6 replies)
Please Help Me!!!!
Nov 10, 2003
... My boyfriend is the best guy anyone can every ask for. I just got into the college of my dreams, but it makes me 400 miles away from him. ... (2 replies)
... what is going on so they can do their part in keeping you safe. Your safety is their responsibility while you are at school. Like you found before, adults can help if you just give them the chance. Now it's time to get the police involved, BEFORE you get hurt, not AFTER. ... (3 replies)
... iends and its just her shoulders I wouldnt freak out! It could be worse and they could be holding hands or such!! I can understand not wanting her to talk to her ex but still on that issue your are not married and even when married you cant control a person and shouldnt try! ... (10 replies)
... This may sound like something you don't want to do, but give it some thought. Take a break. My ex boyfriend and I used to fight ALL the time. It was ridiculous. ... (14 replies)
Jun 5, 2002
... ok, theres this lad that i really like, who is friends with my ex boyfriend. he added me on msn and we have been talking about a month, getting on for two, since we broke up from school for exams. ... (3 replies)
Upset and down.
Sep 15, 2006
... The only thing that will really make it hurt less is time. But I very strongly suggest not seeing him for a while. I know you want to be his friend, and he probably shares your group of friends, so it would be hard. But all your doing is keeping yourself in a position to remember it all. What you need is time and space. Trust me.. I've been there.. we all have. It took me... (7 replies)
Upset and down.
Aug 7, 2006
... He cant understand how it feels. I really need some help form you guys, advice, anything, just to stop me crying and feeling so low. ... (7 replies)
... my best friend and her boyfriend have been 2gether for 5 months.....he was new 2 the school this year and within the 1st 4 months he had already hooked up with 4 or maybe 5 girls....not sex.... ... (2 replies)
Feeling down....
Sep 2, 2002
... so basically what i'm saying is that you have to trust that fate will put you in the right place. maybe this other girl will teach your ex boyfriend things that he needs to learn, things that might make him realize that he still loves you. ... (5 replies)
... Well my friend is currently undergoing a family crisis that's putting her throuhg hell and I'm not sure what to do to help her through. SO, let me start at the beginning... ... (2 replies)
... d all the extra money that we had. WEve been getting bill collectors, and my mo called and the dental company wants to sue my mom for the payment. I happend to help her get a job with my ex boyfriend... Um every month the dental company is automoatically takeing out 500 dollars out of her account for the dental payment. ... (5 replies)

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