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... That was in highschool, I've only kissed two girls and that was for plays. I'm also super shy, and have social anxiety disorder or something like that. College is really crazy right now, everyone has a bloody girlfriend, and then there i am. ... (11 replies)
... t to be in this relationship, because if I didn't, I would never feel inclined to post something here, since it is my motivation to move on from the not so great girlfriend I was. ... (4 replies)
... ids, and pass along my knowledge of life, and let them have a better life in the beginning than I have. After the army I plan on moving out of state and starting college with an apartment, or just live in a dormitory. Hopefully I will find friends, and a girlfriend, and my life will turn out all right. ... (20 replies)

... Basically what i am asking, is if any of you have any advice of how i should handle this or how i can make it work when we leave in August. ... (13 replies)
Nov 28, 2006
... there is this girl at college and i really like her andi think she likes me 2. But she has a bf. ... (3 replies)
... sure, you're parents will be worried, but your siblings will thank you...because the tension will be less on them. parents will not worry about if they're ugly or not. if they don't like them..they wont stop you from dating them...unless something bad is involved. of course, all parents are different. ... (6 replies)
Girlfriend Prob...
Aug 23, 2004
... Well, girlfriends are overrated anyway.Im holding off dating from now on until college or late high school.My first gf dumped me cause some person told her stuff I said but I really didnt say them. ... (11 replies)
... s perfectly ok if you don't want a GF at this time. Right now you are going to be a JR. and trying to figure out what you want in life for wither college, jobs, or whatever. ... (10 replies)
Ready or Not???
Dec 17, 2003
... Stupid and Confused? Your 15, and you a senior in high school! And I would hope that he's never had a boyfriend! Your always going to have the chance of rejection. If he does reject you, and you want to keep the friendship, just remember NEVER avoid him. Continue saying hello, and doing your usual thing. (8 replies)
Ready or Not???
Dec 17, 2003
... I'm a senior in high school right now, and I think I'm ready for a relationship, but kinda freaked out about starting something cuz I'm going to college next year. ... (8 replies)
... many chances to get a girlfriend. And so, I get my emotions way too connected. And the other thing is, after this summer, I am actually not going to university or college, so it's going to be very very hard for me to meet girls. ... (4 replies)
... So just stop hanging out with your "friends" Try to do better, and I'm sure once you get into college you'll meet someone. ... (29 replies)
... I am 15 ,and I have had one girlfriend in my entire life.It lasted for a week and a half, but I was quickly over it. ... (6 replies)
Help need advice
Aug 16, 2002
... I am an 18 year old male, and I'll be leaving to go to college in a week. I went to a very very small high school, so as far as dating goes...there was no playing field because I knew everyone. ... (2 replies)
... me they didn't anymore. Hmm... kinda obvious. I hear that ugliness runs in your family. Well I just found out a few months ago that my mom was my dad's first girlfriend and they went out at age 37. ... (29 replies)
... year college in the Southern part of my home state of Pennsylvania, and my boyfriend is worried sick over this. ... (6 replies)
... Ok yea this may sound really weird but I need some advice or help. My girlfriend and I have been going out for quite sometime. Through our relationship we have had our ups and downs just like any other couple. ... (7 replies)
... and I am finding it difficult to ask girls out. I have never previously had a girlfriend, date, or any of the tangable benefits encased therein. ... (4 replies)
... You sound like you're figuring things out for yourself as you go, which is great! The fact that you're still having great times with your girlfriend suggests to me that dating other people might not be the best thing right now....why look elsewhere when you have all that you want right in front of you? ... (18 replies)
2 girl problem....
Jun 26, 2002
... While I loved him a ton and had a great time with him, it was pretty obvious that we weren't meant to be life partners. In addition, I met some great guys at college and wanted the chance to date other people. ... (18 replies)

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