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... hought I spraind my ankle but I know I didn't. For about 7 and a half years I've put up with the pain and naw suddinly my foot started to brooze I wanna know the diagnosis but are doctor can't find nothing wrong with my ankle and I know that there is something wrong with me. Can u help? ... (7 replies)
Mystery Diagnosis
Aug 12, 2006
... Hi everyone. My name is Victoria. For three years now I have been batteling an illness. ...but the doctors don't know what's wrong with me. I'm not able to do what the other kids can do, physically or emotionally, and it's really getting to me. ... (10 replies)
... When i was in elementary school, twice i got severe pain to my legs, became immobile and doctors couldn't diagnosis. Once i got severely dizzy and was paralized for 15 minutes in a chair with a high temperature and a fast heart beat. ... (1 replies)

Mystery Diagnosis
Sep 16, 2006
... Thanks so much! That was very helpful. Yes, I'm thinking that i may have an anxiety/panic disorder or depression. I've been stressed. Yeah, I know there's no shame in going to a psycologist, but I'm just afraid that my mom is going to think that if I'm there and I'm feeling better (with the panic attacks) then she's going to stop searching for answers to my other symptoms.... (10 replies)
Mystery Diagnosis
Aug 13, 2006
... it sounds like you are depressed. the doctors don't think that this is all in your head, but they know that it is stressful to be ill, and even more stressful to not know the cause. ... (10 replies)
... i had an experince when i was in ottawa for band and i got stuck in a room all by my self i thought ya a room to my self and not with the girl who i hate she slept with her dad in his room. the next day i woke up and found my self in a rash that was very ichy so my teacher bought me some calimine lochen it worked i tryed to use it in my room and it didn't work, the next day my... (7 replies)
... no mom wanted to go so i couldn't talk to him. and the x-rays showed nothing but when i got the x-ray he sayed it was shin splint and i know it wasn't but the time i went it was about 3 years (7 replies)
... So your x-rays show you have a fractured foot? That would definitely cause your pain. Did you see the doctor after your last post? (7 replies)
... i took another look but i took a test and the test always came up with a broken(fractured) foot but i had an x-ray i don't know what to do i want it cured so i don't have to worry about it. ( removed ) so i can find out what this is so i can do activities that i want to do but can't (7 replies)
... I don't work at a hospital, just know a lot about medicine because I deal with a lot of my own serious and mysterious medical problems over the years ;) thank you for the compliment. By the way, the RSD thought is just that-- a thought-- I can't diagnose you, but you can at least go speak to a doctor and ask them if RSD is a possibility. You could search for it on the... (7 replies)
... thank you I thought I would go with out a diagnoses and I'm only 14 years old so I'm going to ask my doctor tomorrow about the diagnoses. And today Aug-20-2008 I went and baled hay and I feel and my ankle hurts I'm almost in tears but I took some Advil but I'm so glade to know that I might have a diagnoses. What hospital do you work at and I'm seariouse that I am 14 years old... (7 replies)
... So the pain is just in your ankle constantly? It's possible you may have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, which I think is now known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. It happens when you have injuries like sprains. there is a board on this site for it if you want more information. (7 replies)
Mystery Diagnosis
Sep 16, 2006
... Oh, yes. I completely agree with you. And I know that there's nothing wrong with going to a psycologist or anything like that but I feel like if I go then I'm going to feel better (in some ways) and then my mom is going to stop taking me to medical doctors. And that scares me so much. I can't even imagine living like this for the rest of my life. I'm going to the... (10 replies)
Mystery Diagnosis
Aug 12, 2006
... First of all I want to remind you that I am no doctor so don't believe me 100%. From the sounds of it all, if not most of it can be stress related. I have recently suffered from anxiety attacks and have had all of those except the being out of breath when resting unless you mean feeling like your throat is tightening up and it's harder to breathe than I have. If you... (10 replies)

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