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... I'm sorry, I can't really help much because I'm a B going on a C and I'm 18 years old. I can see your concern tho, I haven't heard of anything that reduces your breasts excercise wise. ... (3 replies)
... I have a friend who had this same problem. Her breasts were huge when she was a teenager. She ended up having a breast reduction at age 16. ... (3 replies)
... Second men maybe shallow but they arnet going to marry a woman based on breast size. Also big breasts doesnt make one a slut...god if it did I would have been in serious trouble as a teen. ... (20 replies)

... Well.. my boyfriend and I was looking at my mom's wedding picture and it looked like she had a mustache, and my problem is, I started my period at age 14, um, my breasts weren't actually developed at all, I'm still flat chested, I can't even wear a cup A bra... I'm really skinny..I have no hips... ... (1 replies)
... c her breasts are small doesn't mean that she if she does do it she will go up to a D, not everyone that gets implants does it to be huge. ... (33 replies)
... I was a late developer. I had small breasts until my second year of college. I went from an A to a C. Of course this didn't happen over night. They just gradually grew. ... (33 replies)
... Hey, I know it's hard to be happy with your body in a society that shows you the "perfect" woman with large breasts and a tiny waist. Don't buy into it. Larger breasts wont make you happier. You may feel happier about it for a while but after a while you will see that that void is still there. ... (33 replies)
... I agree, 15 is alittle young for a GYN appt unless she is sexually active or having problems in that "area". That being said, I think your post is strange. ... (15 replies)
... too much estrogen E2 at puberty. Some will self correct the balance but many do not. They will have female breasts the rest of their lives unless cut out. ... (21 replies)
... women get sore when they're about to start their period. Usually some girls become bloated, get abdominal cramps, their breasts get a little sore...It's your body going through it's normal young woman was probably also your moms way of joking with you. ... (7 replies)
... also do back excercises because you'll need a stronger back to support a larger bust. (3 replies)
... ....................................... (3 replies)
Is this normal?
Nov 23, 2006
... itching sensation as their breasts begin to develop. It's totally normal. If you are concerned, talk to your doctor, but it really is nothing to worry about in a developing young girl. ... (4 replies)
Girls please.
Oct 4, 2005
... verywhere. Like, hips, breasts! You name it. lol. Good luck to your friend with what she wants! But like Rayvin said you will learn to love what you have. She is young and probably wanting to look good for guys but she will see that one day its not all about that. Good luck again! Have patience! ... (8 replies)
Inflated Nipple
Aug 6, 2005
... I'm a young male and one of my nipples has inflated, I know that you can get male breasts but why is only one nipple like that, and is there anyway to get it to go back to normal? ... (3 replies)
... Look about to turn 20 and i know middle schoolers with a bigger bust than me~ You will learn from experience that for the most part, guys liking chests is just an immature phase. When they are young they like them but when they actually grow up they end up loosing interest (yes, there will always be some that LOVE them). Just think about how a 11 year old boy... (30 replies)
... Fifteen?! NO you don't need one!! They say you should start getting them regularly when you turn 18 but I think that's a load of crap; you should only go if you have/had unprotected sex or you suspect you have something creepy and crazy(i.e. infection, STD, testicles XD). Are you sexually active? If you are, does your mom know? And if you aren't, does she think you are?... (15 replies)

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