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[QUOTE=serenity111]you had to have been this way before you started masterbating. i cant imagine that would make your labia uneven. i dont know how old you are, but during puberty (not just starting your period) you can notive that your labia, hangs out of your vagina a bit. when i was 10, it was almost as if i woke up one day, and there they were. either that or i just hadn't noticed. also every woman is different down there---- i really wouldnt worry. some women's hang outside, some are up inside, some are uneven, some are long, and some are short. really they are ALL different.[/QUOTE]
Ok thanks.But do you think masturbatieng like i do has an affect on getting it bigger? B/c it is sometimes aggrivateing in tight jeans.
ive never heard of masterbation doing that to the labia. if your really worried that, that is the cause, then stop for awhile and see what happens. instead of using a massager, but a viborator, and use that on your clit. i mean its a possibilty that you labia is getting swollen or irritated. but maybe thats just the way you are. it would be a little uncomfortable in tight jeans, if your labia is on the longer side. i asked my gyn about mine, i was interested in the labia reduction surgery, she said mine were on the longer side, but she definately had seen longer-----that made me feel more comfortable about my own!

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