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Re: Quick question?
Mar 16, 2004
[QUOTE=sapphire912]:angel: I told my father that i was a virgin but i'm not.He told me he is going to take me to the doctor so he can find out. Can the doctor tell if u virgin or not? if u tell the doctor ur buisness or they going to tell my father. what if the my father want to know.. what would the doctor say to him?[/QUOTE]

First a doctor unless you recently had sex(like within a set time) before the appointment can not tell ifyou are a virgin or not. Most people think that an intact hymen shows that one is a virgin but since most girls are so active with sports most dont have intact hymens. Also there are cases in which a hymen can be thick enough or split enough that intcourse could take place and the girl still have her hymen.
A doctor can not tell your father what goes on between you and your doctor during your appointment. It is illegal unless you give your consent for the doctor to discuss it with your father. Your doctor doesnt have to tell your father anything because the law doesnt require him to.
So relax because what your father said isnt true.

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